LEAF XCEED Music Division – Winter Night’s Journey (Through The Storm)

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At long last. After four months of not releasing anything that has guitars in it, I’ve finally finished something that may actually be worth the time waiting for it. Multiple problems plagued me from releasing anything heavy, school being one of them, and a very injured CPU that would probably shut itself down if I try to run a project file like The Black Wind Howls in realtime. So if I’m not doing schoolwork, I’d try to compose, but if I try to compose, my CPU overheats and dies. I can’t game, I can’t compose using heavy amounts of CPU. Just great. Then again, that heavy CPU use honestly has led me to care more and more about the tiny little aesthetics that make up a song so much that my original composing style and creativity took a hit.

Solution? Screw the new templates; I’m using the old one. The one that led me to success in the first place. Boom. The content you’ll hear is all original, if not greatly inspired by other artists. For this one song I’m my 2009 self again, and to a certain extent my 2007 self because I’m composing the way I truly would without any obstructions that would put me on a different track. Maybe you’ll even hear LEAF Music Division. The difference here is that I’m combining everything from the past with current knowledge, resulting into a 4-minute 44-second video game power metal anthem. With a touch of winter, no less; just the way I’d make it.

I’d also like to thank the following for helping me with the title:
Apex Ultima
Murmurs in the Wind
Least One Hundred
A Certain Credibility
…also Jake, Jerome, Nicole and Paco, who don’t have WordPress. XD

For all those mentioned, here’s the damn in-joke version, which is exactly the same song but…>>;;

~ by rtnario on November 16, 2010.

14 Responses to “LEAF XCEED Music Division – Winter Night’s Journey (Through The Storm)”

  1. Loving: all the 16th notes, the lead melody, the PIANO SOLO <333

    Hating: the guitar tone

    • Thanks for the simple review. Sort of. And for listening. Mr. Producer. =)


  2. Someone’s back in the game. May I just point out that the piano bridge sounds like some sort of epilogue to the 4 piano pieces you composed prior to this. =o Anyways… Through The Storm!

    Also. Fearless Journey at Night Heading to the Horizon which is my Destination Before the Sparkling Storm Drowns my Battle Cry for the Solace of Quantum Mechanics. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    • Oh, that series is far from over. =)


      • Well that series you’re talking about my not be over. But at least a chapter of it ends with this song. And I just realized that cause WOAAAAAAAAAH this song has the same key as your previous LEAF X MD release. Piano bridge says it all.

        Spoiler ahead if anyone reading this comment has not listened to the song released before this and this song itself: http://www.mediafire.com/?jd0bepl9lr6o83g

  3. I really liked this song, it has the style of the first one i heard from you (Cave Story War). This guitar tone is one of the things i like the most from your songs. The melody sounds very sticky šŸ™‚

    • Yep. Cave Story War is one of my older works, and therefore this would sound like it considering I used a similar style. I’m glad you like how this sounds; thanks for dropping by again and listening! šŸ™‚

  4. I don’t usually listen to guitars, but this sounds awesome.

    • Really? I’m glad you think so! ^^ You’re Mia-the-fellow-flutist-who-Lei-redirected-here-and-commented-on-Murmurs-In-The-Wind, IIRC XD

      It’s good that you do, because unlike Murmurs In The Wind, this is my real -natural- composing genre and style. Basically me in my element, in what I believe I compose best in. If you liked this, you may like my future originals too, when I get around to making them XD;;


  6. Um…Please don’t call me ignorant, but what game is this from?

    • W-ell…if you’re asking because it’s labeled “Video Game Power Metal”, no, it’s not from any game, it’s an original composition of mine in my personal style which I call as such šŸ™‚

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