DualBlade – Slim Subway Smash (Final Fight Remix)

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Here’s another one of ’em remixes I started in the past and only got around to finishing now. Unlike Storm Eagle, I actually had past progress on this one, and it was one of the candidates to be part of the Soundtrack Of The Underground EP back in 2010. This one’s Slim Subway Smash from the pioneer beat-em-up game Final Fight.

I got to experience the game through its SNES version, the one with the hardware limitations and the two-character roster. I experienced it again when I purchased Final Fight One for the Game Boy Advance, which was much more enjoyable to play through, and the soundtrack was remixed too. Definitely one of the soundtracks I loved to listen to, though in a remixing sense, I would only choose to remix this subway track and the stage after it as candidates. Both had progress, and today I at least finished one of them HAHA.

Since I loved the GBA rendition, the remix is mostly based on that. This was very straightforward to do, since there’s a constant “train” drumbeat and also a constant bass/rhythm melody. The strange parts were of course the sudden time signature changes, and what is obviously the best and most fun part is that sick melodic breakdown. The way it’s structured reminds me of the flow of Danger from Secret of Mana, which I also did a remix of, where all the hype is built up just to hear “that one awesome part” and it ends up being commonly understood by everybody. And so, to do it justice, sustained power chords all the way, mixed up with a reiteration with an altered rhythm and an arpeggio-happy guitar. Also experimented with the ending chord with the unbridled intention of trolling listeners. Like a subway train that encountered a bumpy portion but then you realize things will be okay. Something like that.


~ by rtnario on April 7, 2018.

2 Responses to “DualBlade – Slim Subway Smash (Final Fight Remix)”

  1. What an excellent job. My favourite is the MegaCD / SegaCD version, but it doesn’t have the time signature like the original.

    In case you’ve not heard it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPoKMNd_jL4&index=3&list=PL459CDC89F6070103

    Once again, well done. Awesome work.

    • I’ve heard this way in the past, we owned Final Fight CD. Definitely true that it has its own charm above the other versions 🙂 Thanks and glad you like the remix!

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