Welcome To rtnario HQ – Introduction

Welcome, dear traveller — what is it you seek?
The thoughts in my head or the melodies I keep?

[   b l o g   |   m u s i c   |   a b o u t   ]

June 1, 2020 Update

Hello friends and fans! I would just like to inform you that this website is a legacy website for maintaining my old music releases as LEAF XCEED Music Division. Please follow instead updates on my work as LEAF XCEED Music Division on Facebook, and for the newest music releases subscribe to the Official Release Website. Thank you! – Ramon Nario

21 Responses to “Welcome To rtnario HQ – Introduction”

  1. but you’re cute 😛

  2. 8D wow.. I just entered something awesome!
    Hi Bunso!!! *waves hysterically*

  3. Hi Ramon!=))

  4. Hi! XD

    *edits blog*

  5. Nice one BASS :))))))

  6. Hey There,
    I watched your Newgrounds account, and… You know Goukisan?
    He’s liek ttly cool!
    btw, Newgrounds-username: merlijn
    Wordpress-page: just merlinoboy.wordpress


  8. I totally just stumbled upon this site.

    Core Oppression is my favorite LEAF X track, btw.

  9. Chingchongchang.

  10. Any chance of sonic the hedgehog remixes…? 😀

  11. you are awesome dude. double thumbs up!

  12. Get rid of the AMP auditions header. It’s blurry and crap. HAHAHA J/K But seriously, just keep the orange header. It’s more badass D:

  13. Hi, I left you a Newgrounds message just now, Not sure if you check it very often so … yeah heads up. Nice blog you have here 🙂

  14. Hi Ramon ❤

  15. Hi!

    I’ve been listening to your music since like the beginning when you started. n__n But recently I saw a video of someone playing a game or something with your music in it. What games have you provided music for??

    Thank you!

    • Hello … child … XD

      I have not provided my music for any games per se, but there have been a number of games online that have used my music. The most well-known use of my music comes in the form of Osu! beatmaps, wherein listeners have decided to take my songs and turn them into playable music tracks.

      Here is an example on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s6bVSwipTs

  16. Hello, I would like to ask, do you do composing or just remixing?

    • I got around on the internet due to my remixes, but of course I have my own original compositions and they can be found in the free downloads on this website. 🙂

      • Sweet, you see I was curious to see if someday you would be interested in composing for an Indie game someday

      • Well, that depends on what I’d be composing for. Are you making one? If yes, then feel free to drop me an e-mail with more info! 🙂

  17. As soon as I get the resources together I will, right now I wanted to see who is interested in giving me a chance when the time comes and who isn’t, I must warn you this is my 1st game and the engine mastery is still work in progress.In otherwords I like your work and I wasn’t sure if you would like composing for a new guy like me. I can tell you it is going to be an ActionRPG

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