LEAF XCEED – What Is It?

June 1, 2020 Update

The below description is an old and early version of what LEAF XCEED was to me. I have opted to retain the description written down here in the name of nostalgic preservation, and to transfer my real, current description to the Official Release Website. Hope you enjoy this piece of LEAF XCEED history! – Ramon Nario

Never noticed I didn’t CREATE (there ya go mr. counter) a page like this. Anyhow, here goes.

LEAF XCEED – What is, or was it?

LEAF XCEED is a fictional “company” I made since many years back in my childhood. At first, it was simply called LEAF, and was used as my trademark logo when I used to make little comics classmates would read. It eventually turned into my general trademark symbol and I used it very much when I made multiple Powerpoint animations, slideshows and games. The original logo looked like this:

Later on after more comics and PPTs, the logo was getting old so I rotated the thing:

And since I actually worried about copyright infringement if ever LEAF was going to become something bigger, by the time the website was made, the name was changed to LEAF XCEED. And the new logo, now with knowledge of Photoshop:

So those are the logos. More about LEAF XCEED now.

LEAF, as already said started a long time ago in my childhood. A general trademark logo that I used on all the comics or Powerpoint shows I created. It was basically the name I worked under. After those years, that trademark became very unused until later on in my life, when I started my MIDI composing. That was also the same time I started thinking about expanding the idea of LEAF. I added “divisions”, which made LEAF be more than just one name. There would be multiple divisions of LEAF like LEAF Music Division or LEAF Technology Division, so that the corresponding division name would be used on different creations. My first MIDI was called “LEAF MD -SONG01”, and then my, well, 2nd cursor pack was called “LEAF X TD – Project ELITE”. The X means the addition of XCEED, so it can be much shorter and simply called LEAF X.

But about when did LEAF become LEAF XCEED? That all started when it wasn’t just me who was part of this fictional organization. Close friends also joined in, and were becoming part of LEAF XCEED and its multiple divisions. Even a website (and forums too) was made, showcasing what LEAF XCEED as a whole created. Those were really shining moments of this fictional company I created ever since I was a child. Unfortunately, LEAF XCEED at that time was actually just a site with a few MIDI songs and a cursor pack with no content that people would find interesting enough to take note of. I hate that fact, but I acknowledge it still as the truth. That led to LEAF XCEED shutting down.

But as long as I’m alive and breathing, LEAF XCEED will never die.

The site shut down and the members became inactive, but still as the years went by I continued my ventures as a musician and kept on composing MIDI. I eventually started composing using more advanced programs and techniques with Digital Audio Workstations. I also tried spreading my music around and got generally positive reception, but not well enough to make LEAF XCEED known.

Today, I continue working hard at composing and continue creating songs under the title of LEAF XCEED Music Division, which would explain all the songs with LEAF X MD on them. Simply put, replace LEAF X MD with rtnario/XX256/Blackiris and then that’s clear. There are also times when I contribute to the Technology Division by making wallpapers, skins, cursor packs and whatnot, but still Music Division is the only division that will forever be active while I’m still around. I’m fine with just that though.

And that’s the story of LEAF XCEED as of now. It may be missing some parts, but those special parts of the story are only known by the people who did help LEAF XCEED become closer to a reality, and I really thank them for it.

~rtnario, President of LEAF XCEED, proud head of the Music Division

6 Responses to “LEAF XCEED – What Is It?”

  1. Sounds quite big. Just having a company at young-er age… Only word i have: wow!
    Just… You really must had a big adventure that time, then… Well, i, yes, i said “i”, hope to see that LEAF XCEED once will grow to a big, fine, well-known company! 🙂
    And i’m actually expirimenting on my own too, so… No, no, that’s not needed…
    Keep On Fightin’ Man!

    • Well, it sounds all fancy by using the term “company”, but really, it’s more of an idea, concept, vision or whatever that exists because of the combined efforts of all who support it and myself. 🙂 I sure do hope LEAF XCEED does get bigger than just “LEAF XCEED Music Division”. Thanks for your interest! XD

  2. Yeah, you totally deserve it! And by the way, i showed your music to some friends of mine, and they TOTALLY LIKED IT! your music ROCKS!

  3. Is there any scope for expanding/adding other divisions in LEAFX ?

    • The LEAF XCEED divisions are mainly dependent on the interests of whoever would be handling that division. My personal interests are in music and technology which would explain why they are the only two that have/had ever been active in LEAF XCEED’s entire existence. A Comic Division, Art Division or even Literature Division were actually some considerations but have long been at rest along with LEAF XCEED as a whole.

      A revival of activity is indefinite at this point in time, but the possibility is never ruled out.

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