LEAF XCEED Music Division – Website Releases II (2010 – 2011)

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Once again, the world goes full circle within a bit more than a year. I have learned from experience, have found new inspiration, have gone through more of what life has to offer me as a student and as a musician. Suddenly, the theme of romance wasn’t so alien to me anymore, and the many, many hardships of college. All that while I continued to compose and find myself getting even further than before. But just like the original, it has an ending, and at the end of all the continued support of every single listener out there, here is what I will once more give to you.


LEAF XCEED Music Division - Website Releases II

LEAF XCEED Music Division - Website Releases II

LEAF XCEED Music Division – Website Releases II
192 kbps – Stereo
157 MB (incl. SOTU)

1. Once Upon A December
2. Summer Breeze
3. Murmurs In The Wind
4. Tomorrow’s Dawn
5. Cerulean Tears
6. Winter Night’s Journey (Through The Storm)
7. Path Of Ruin
8. Wind Valley
9. Luminarium Nova
10. Never Forget
11. Forest Labyrinth
12. The End Of 1000 Years
13. Greener Greens
14. Death’s Embrace
15. Universal Rift
16. For Alexandria
17. Clockwork Sky
18. Time For My Tea
19. The Eclipse Of Time
20. Peter’s Kite
21. First Day High: School Is Magic
22. Amazon Moon
23. Wherever The Wind Takes Me
24. Interludio
25. The King’s Commandment
26. 8-Bit Glory
27. Dear You [ver. XCEED]


If it wasn’t any more obvious, this is the sequel compilation album of all my works from 2010 to 2011. They’re all available separately too if you check the Download Hub, but this has entirely new content altogether you will most likely find nowhere else but this package 🙂 In terms of genre, there are many more original compositions in the classical genre, but more notably the original metal compositions this time around that weren’t very present in the previous, amongst the already well-established video game metal remixes.

The bonus content here is quite hefty this time around. It may be enough of a reason to download the archive even if you already have some of the songs. Included in the bonus content are five never before publicly released songs on this site, except for one that’s also on SoundCloud. There’s also ten concepts and attempts of originals and remixes never finished, and finally, the 2009-2010 17-minute video game remix EP, Soundtrack Of The Underground.

Remixed Games: Bloody Wolf, Mega Man 6, Legend Of Legaia, Atelier Annie: Alchemist Of Sera Island, Deep Blue & Ranger X


LEAF XCEED Music Division - Website Releases II

LEAF XCEED Music Division - Soundtrack Of The Underground

LEAF XCEED Music Division – Soundtrack Of The Underground
192 kbps – Stereo
24 MB

1. Bloody Wolf
2. Flame Man – Thermal Flare
3. Light In Darkness
4. Nibelung Valesti
5. Storm Bringer
6. Indigo Sea
7. Maximum Security


AND JUST BECAUSE HE STILL WANTS THIS PART OF THE PAGE RETAINED, I’d like to thank Mikey Daza for being imba, pro and swaggish.

Enjoy the album. See you in the next one … not necessarily Website Releases III, but who knows, it may be something greater 😀
~Ramon Roberto T. Nario, president of LEAF XCEED, head of the Music Division


Creative Commons License

These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License, since I can, and it makes my works all legal & fancy.

~ by rtnario on December 31, 2011.

5 Responses to “LEAF XCEED Music Division – Website Releases II (2010 – 2011)”

  1. …Dat troll link.

  2. It was a tough job, but I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome.

  3. […] Eagle, I actually had past progress on this one, and it was one of the candidates to be part of the Soundtrack Of The Underground EP back in 2010. This one’s Slim Subway Smash from the pioneer beat-em-up game Final […]

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