DualBlade – Primordial v2

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This is an updated version of one of my SoundCloud releases. Always wanted to add some more content to the original, and it just so happens that it’s the a-bit-beyond-one-year-anniversary of the original. Below, you’ll find the copy-paste description:

This is one of the more personal instrumentals I’ve ever composed. It’s quite clear that I haven’t been composing or doing anything related to LEAF XCEED Music Division online, since I’ve been busy with so many other things in life, as well as with so many other interests. I don’t want to repeat narratives I’ve written about ad nauseum in my blog, but tl;dr is I question myself all the time in so many ways, as well as all the things I’d have thought to be set in stone.

That said, this piece was made for me–I imagined my composition style to be stripped down to its very core, just to see what’s left of my musical self after having stopped for so long. While you have -very- lazily put together rhythm, bass, and drum sections (I already see people complaining about me pasting the same patterns over and over again), I find myself in melody–melody is king.

So after all this time, and all these changing circumstances in my life, my melodies are still here with me. I feel like I’ve lost a huge chunk of what I learned in the past, but I’m fine with starting back from square one. Not that it’s really square one, but I at least am certain that I have crafted one weapon in my music that will never break.

~ by rtnario on February 24, 2018.

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