LEAF XCEED Music Division – Guitar Vs. Piano [ver. XCEED]

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This song is a remix of Goukisan’s FL Studio, FL Slayer and FL Keys Newgrounds masterpiece, Guitar Vs. Piano 1.2 The original Guitar Vs. Piano was originally created in October 14, 2004 and a sequel was made in the same year. However, the sequel was nowhere near as popular as the original, which caused Goukisan to create 1.2, the most well-known version of his Guitar Vs. Piano series.

One 28th of April in the year 2009, an audio artist going by the username of rtnario happened to ask about remixing this song…

Metal Vs. Orchestra

(oh, and the borderthing at the right might block out the rest of the image so right-click it and view the image only)

Originally I started concepts for it in that same month, but eventually dropped the remix to pursue others and to wait for ideas. Back then, as the image says, I was originally planning to add orchestration and everything, but I guess I ran out of ideas and that caused this remix to be in hiatus. Now that a year and a few days have passed since I was given permission, I restarted the project on April 28, 2010. For four days straight I worked hard on combining the melodies of Guitar Vs. Piano and the sound of LEAF XCEED Music Division. It brought many headaches and caused me to stay up late, to BSOD my PC and to use up all my CPU power, but the end product is all worth it! You’ve got to hear it to know why. =)

~ by rtnario on April 30, 2010.

9 Responses to “LEAF XCEED Music Division – Guitar Vs. Piano [ver. XCEED]”

  1. if you don’t mind.. can i get the score file of this song?

    • By score you mean MIDI, right? XD Sure, but I’ll need an e-mail, YT account or otherwise where I can PM it

      • score is just for performing with friends so… i wonder you have guitar pro file of it..

        i’ll be waiting for your reply

        this is my e-mail adress

      • oh even you don’t have guitar pro file of it, just send me the midi file.

        i’ll be very pleased for your help ^_^ !!

  2. i’m so sorry bout keep asking… this will be the final request

    please send me midi file and guitar pro score ‘if’ you have it too.

    it would be very thankful

  3. do you have any tabs of this song? if you have it can you send it for me please, this is one of my favorit songs and I what to learn this song on guitar.if you have it this is my email:luizfilipi05@hotmail.com or luizfilipi44@hotmail.com
    (sorry I brasilian and my english is not good)

    • I’m sorry, I don’t have any tabs for this, nor will I tab this anytime soon 😦

      I’m sure the main riff has been done by many others on the internet though, you could work with that XD

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