LEAF XCEED Music Division – HUZZAH

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Yay, a new release! This one’s a remix of Balrog’s Theme from Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya’s popular PC freeware game called Cave Story. Originally, this was made because I wanted to test out what I learned recently about equalizer settings, panning, balancing the instruments and whatnot. It was also because of the fact that the remixed version of Balrog’s Theme in the Cave Story Remix Project site wasn’t what I was looking for. Someone had to do it, so I went ahead and made it. ^^

It ended up really, really well. This thing is a minute and four seconds; it’s more of a test track and I have yet to apply this to full-length tracks (such as Unbroken & Return). I have to admit it myself; its quality far surpasses any MP3 song I’ve created. Now I wonder what I’ll do with this newly found knowledge next XD


Alternate link for stream-ey people:


~ by rtnario on April 27, 2009.

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