Website Releases

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1. Dali     [Classical]
2. Orchestra JNG     [Classical – Orchestra]
3. Minor Star     [Classical – Piano]


4. Little Bit     [Chiptune]
5. Unbroken Dream     [Video Game Power Metal]
6. Return Flight     [Rock]
7. A Memory     [Music Box]
8. HUZZAH     [Video Game Metal]
9. Trump Card Alteisen     [Video Game Metal]
10. Last Showdown     [Video Game Metal]
11. Spark Mandrill – Short Circuit     [Video Game Metal]
12. Eternal Regret     [Classical – Piano]
13. Midnight Breeze     [Classical]
14. Boss Battle!     [Video Game Metal]
15. Cave Story War     [Video Game Metal]
16. KoF ’00 – Wild Party     [Video Game Metal]
17. Your Majesty     [Classical – Orchestra]
18. YuYu Metal     [Folk Metal]
19. Guard Daos     [Video Game Metal]
20. Diary Of Memories     [Classical – Piano]
21. Maelstorm     [Symphonic Metal]
22. Garden Of Moonlight     [Classical]
23. Fur Elisa     [Neo-Classical Metal]
24. Downstream     [Acoustic]
25. Radical Squadron Swat Kats     [Rock]
26. Recollection     [Classical – Acoustic]
27. Core Oppression     [Video Game Metal]
28. 8-Bit Fireflies     [Chiptune]


29. Infinite Being     [Video Game Metal]
30. Winter Sunshine     [Acoustic]
31. Contradanza     [Neo-Classical Metal]
32. Town Of Leaves v2     [Video Game Metal]
33. The Black Wind Howls     [Video Game Metal]
34. Imminent Chaos     [Video Game Metal]
35. Guitar Vs. Piano [ver. XCEED]     [Symphonic Metal]
36. Hinto     [Punk]


Creative Commons License

These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License, since I can, and it makes my works all legal & fancy.

2 Responses to “Website Releases”

  1. Putting Infinite and Black Wind on mp3 player . . . now.

    Damn this is good.

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