Website Releases III

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1. DualBlade – Mission One    [Video Game Power Metal]
2. DualBlade – Battle Against A True Hero (Undertale Remix)    [Video Game Metal]
3. DualBlade – Storm Eagle (Mega Man X Remix)    [Video Game Metal]
4. DualBlade – Kraid’s Lair (Metroid Remix)    [Video Game Metal]


5. DualBlade – Primordial v2    [Progressive Metal]
6. LEAF XCEED Music Division – Stars That Look Like You (Rocket Ship Resort Remix)    [Alternative/Punk Rock]
7. DualBlade – Slim Subway Smash (Final Fight Remix)    [Video Game Metal]
8. Arc Lumina – In Ephemera    [Flute]
9. DualBlade – mugen no jikan    [Progressive Rock]


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