DualBlade – Storm Eagle (Mega Man X Remix)

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I honestly don’t know where this one came from. But I’m really, really proud of this remix.

Storm Eagle has one of the most iconic themes from the first entry of the Mega Man X franchise on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. As luck would have it, since my mother’s side owned an SNES, we had one of those pirated multi-games-in-one cartridges that included the Japanese version of Mega Man X, Rockman X.

It’s one of those themes that, like a certain other Mega Man X remix I did 8 years ago, seemed so common amongst the remixing community. Its opening riff just begged for it to be played on guitar, or at least remixed in a heavy metal sort of way. And while there are definitely plenty of remixes online already on YouTube, as usual, I wanted to have it done a certain way and since it wasn’t already around I did it myself.

I tried not to be lazy enough for the individual instruments in this remix, and it took a lot of time and effort but boy was the result worth it. You’ll hear it yourself. Hope you enjoy!


“I originally planned to remix Storm Eagle’s theme since his theme was my favorite since years ago” ~Ramon Nario, 2009

This came from the Spark Mandrill remix page. Looks like I finally gave myself of 8 years ago some justice. I do feel like the past me wouldn’t ever have been able to pull this off the way I did now. Cheers, past me.

~ by rtnario on November 11, 2017.

2 Responses to “DualBlade – Storm Eagle (Mega Man X Remix)”

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