DualBlade – Battle Against A True Hero (Undertale Remix)

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Let’s drop two bombs in one day!

For the past two days I reworked my remix of Linkin Park’s Break The Habit, something I got around to doing years ago and only got to finish recently, of course inspired by Chester Bennington’s recent passing (you can find this remix here). Other than that, I’ve been meaning to release more things on the Website Releases III album, and I have like 3 other planned tracks to include on it, all mostly finished. This is the second track according to plan, to showcase once again what I’ve been known for since I started in 2009 — video game power metal remixes.

Undertale should not be a game that hasn’t been heard of in any way or form in recent history. A captivating story, attractive yet classic graphics, gameplay fused with one of gaming history’s finest works, and on top of that an excellent soundtrack that complements everything I’ve mentioned so far … all by one guy. It’s incredible how massive the reception of Undertale was when it hit the scene, and while not everything that came out of it was well-received (by that I mean things that even Toby Fox disapproves of), there is no denying the impact. People who experienced it around the time it was out were urging me to play it, but it took me a long time until I finally got around to doing so.

Better late than never though, ’cause I experienced what all the hype was about. It truly is an experience to be had by any gamer. And that beautiful soundtrack … as an online musician, I believe I’m known for remixing a lot of tracks from an indie title that’s pretty respected, and the description I used for Undertale could be applied to that title as well. That game is Cave Story. Also by one guy!

So anyway, like Cave Story, Undertale’s soundtrack was so good that I just had to remix some of its tracks. In this day and age though, my art and craft isn’t as much of a niche thing as it was before, there are plenty of metal remixers online nowadays who have taken to platforms like Patreon to make it easy and convenient to crowdsource remix ideas. And well, for me, if a track has been remixed the way I feel it should by someone else, I feel less of a need to do the remix myself, because man while there are arrangements that could use work, some are just total masterpieces.

That said, some time back I planned an Undertale remix album, and like many things I plan it never pushed through. I’ve just taken to being satisfied with placing what I made out of those here in Website Releases III. Better that some things get out there instead of sitting on the back burner forever. In the album I planned to remix lesser-known tracks or tracks that I don’t think have been remixed the way I would like. Those tracks will be spread around Website Releases III the same way Cave Story remixes were, in a throwback-ish fashion.

And it starts with this one. The use of strings and piano in the original just match way too perfectly with my power metal remixing style, which takes heavily from European power metal influences, and Japanese video game soundtracks.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Lazy to put it out on YouTube. Will do so eventually. My “biggest” audience is there and they probably don’t know I’ve been slowly releasing new stuff lately.

~ by rtnario on July 23, 2017.

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