DualBlade – Mission One

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Hello, world!

Yeah, it’s nothing that I thought it would be. Nothing that I thought I’d do.

But here it is.

Six whole years after the end of Website Releases II, I start Website Releases III with a song I composed and finished in a single day.

I’m sure I can go on and on about a backstory for this one. After all, I should have six years’ worth of backstories, but I feel like what little was left of my blogging could actually explain that part well. So I’ll just elaborate on the song.

I got around to composing this while listening to the whole backlog of compositions that I had gathered over the years. I was actually thinking of finishing one of the many incomplete compositions I had, so I’m not sure how I got around to just screwing that altogether and composing something new. It started with developing a constant theme, and when I put a Hamka-inspired drumbeat, it turned into some intergalactic space warfare 16-bit era shoot-em-up intro music. At least that’s how I imagine it.

Since technically LEAF XCEED Music Division is a label now and not my main moniker anymore, I’m gonna start to use different artist names to try and categorize the genres of my compositions. I’ve actually started doing this on SoundCloud and in 2015’s Fragments Of Time. If you ever followed LEAF XCEED Music Division after WRII, you would know of the existence of DualBlade, Arc Lumina, and 2’s complement. If you don’t know what those are, hop on over here to find out.

Kept it simple and raw. Over the years, I’ve (thankfully) been starting to pay more attention to the arrangement of instruments and how each part contributes to the whole, instead of in my earlier years where I dumped instruments everywhere.

Been a while. Hope you enjoy!

pew pew pew warfare explosions bam move every zig for great justice

~ by rtnario on July 2, 2017.

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