Momentary Surge

Lately I’ve been wondering about how I channel my ideas and manifest them into something tangible. I used to do this thing where when I have a really good spur-of-the-moment melody in my head, I would look for the nearest recording device and hum into it, ensuring that this idea would never be forgotten much like how one would draw or write down random things on paper. The human mind is a lot more forgetful than we all have ever wanted it to be, but then I suppose there would be absolutely no problem if we all subscribed to this “taking down” of ideas without hesitation or restraint.

However, the issue I want to bring up here is not about the idea of this manifestation, but more on that exact moment in time where you have to decide whether you can afford to take this idea down or not. By afford, I mean if you have the time to do this, or if it’s appropriate at all when usually there are so many things going on in anyone’s daily life. Since I have an artistic viewpoint on this, myself coming from the realm of music composition, I’ve always fully prioritized the taking down of ideas over whatever I may be doing at the time. The problem I believe I’m facing is that because I rely heavily on this, it’s easy to manipulate this aspect of idea-gathering and make it something artificial, unnatural and in the end, totally unworthy of the time invested into it. The end result would be an overall feeling of dissatisfaction if not the illusion of progress, where suddenly one becomes so unsure if that was in fact the most productive way to have spent that amount of time.

I suppose that what I just want to really stress here is that there definitely should be a balance, regardless of whether you’re left or right-brained. One shouldn’t stick to the rote paths of everyday life too much, nor should one just toss oneself away into the river of creativity hoping to end up somewhere nice when the truth is, in the real world, it’s possible you won’t end up anywhere at all if you’re uncertain of what you’re doing. I am guilty of tossing myself away and believing that I did good, which a number of my “creative ideas” can attest to ( read: they’re repetitive and stale ). Perhaps in the trails of life I’ll be able to escape this attitude and live a life more fulfilled, and with less regret as to how I spent my time.

This goes for all who may chance upon this post as something to think or to be wary about, if you find meaning behind this personal reflection. Momentary surge is actually a term I picked up from my Computer Science class that refers to a sudden and very temporary outburst of electricity, as an analogy to how we have the greatest ideas at the most random times and somehow they don’t last long in our heads. Let’s be more careful in recognizing if our ideas are fresh, and most especially, if it’s worth the time you’ll allot for it.

P.S. I wrote this article during a break, on the same day I have a long test in Computer Science.

~ by rtnario on September 17, 2013.

2 Responses to “Momentary Surge”

  1. Surge? What surge–*shot*

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