Yay, 5th Anniversary WordPress!

Wow, 5 years since I signed up in WordPress. Historical blog posts. Cool. No, seriously.

WordPress reminded me that it’s been five whole years since I signed up for a blog. It made me curious about what I wrote as a very first blog post, which can be found here. As with anyone who visits previous works of art, literature and what have you created by a self of more youthful years, one will note the bare simplicity with which one uses to draw upon the same canvas, an idea — an idea interpreted in different manners with each instance through the passage of time. In fact, the idea of “previous works created by a self of more youthful years” itself, could’ve been expressed by my 2008 self as “stuff I made years ago”. Whoop-de-doo, right?

Perhaps there is a story behind this progression … eh … who am I kidding, of course there’s a damn story behind this progression and I’m just trying to lay it out in a fancier manner XDD The story in question is actually also related to why I’m even wanting to lay it out in a fancier manner. Where does that need come from? It comes from the need to showcase the difference between the self right now at this moment inputting this text and the self who did the same thing around five years ago.

It’s like … whoa, so many things have happened since that first post, really. At first I meant to use this blog as what it is, a blog, with all my thoughts in text and all my musings. It was as simple as making an account of the day that talked about everything that was relevant to my interests, or at least whichever parts of it I wished to share on a public domain. Personal stuff, game stuff, music stuff, tech stuff and of course, LEAF XCEED stuff — it was all there so plainly and simply put for the world to see.

Somewhere down along the line, this happened.

LEAF XCEED returned and was back in Music Division form, transforming my previously personal blog into a hybrid release site for all my works of music under the LEAF XCEED Music Division moniker. That was great, since it pretty much became a reason for people to drop by this site ( read: pageviews ) and if ever they were interested, read about my personal thoughts. However in those years it was definitely more of a music release site than a blog, and suddenly this blog’s purpose was shifted to solely that of LEAF XCEED Music Division. Glory days, I would call them, as a time when creativity was at an all-time high and things were going swimmingly well.

Anyways, I don’t want to talk about this again, so I’ll leave LEAF XCEED Music Division’s situation as that, plenty of material in previous posts to know where it is now. What I want to emphasize anyhow is how this blog really has been with me “through thick and thin” so to speak as an accounting of many major parts and events of my life. Aside from the day-to-day happenings and LEAF XCEED, once upon a time I used this blog to “send” certain sets of people or a person in particular private thoughts for only them to view. One would think I could just send a damn e-mail but password-protected posts are just cooler … and will therefore not dissuade me from continuing such tradition if ever the need arises.

Through these very personal posts I can get even more intimate of my understanding of my life back then, at a level in which ordinary posts cannot ever reach. Regardless of all the emotion I put into those posts, today it all just seems like a historical retelling of what my life once was, with the exception of stories yet to be concluded. These posts also coincide with the previously mentioned glory days, and as time passed they both eventually came to a halt and this blog was back to being a LEAF XCEED thing until I made the decision to move its most recent incarnation out. As for the posts I made, rarely were they ever back to the simplicity of yesteryear but they always had to delve deeper and deeper. Talk about power metal? Make an entire post about a band. Shyness? Create an analogy, form a reaction.

Talk about an anniversary? Do an entire backtracking!

All that leads us here. 2008 me would’ve been done with this blog post by simply saying “I know more about stuff now, I can write about more stuff” but 2013 me would go with Descartes and say “the more you know, the more you know nothing” in hopes that it would portray the message of progression … but to what end? Where is this inner music that our exigency for transcendence continuously strives to discover? How come the more we try to do a certain something better, the less we are satisfied with the knowledge of something beyond?


Undeniably, there is beauty in simplicity, and I’ve lost myself in the opposite and wish to reset and post my intention for this blog.

So yeah, this is where I’m gonna be posting anything to everything about things I care to type down …


~ by rtnario on September 10, 2013.

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  1. But emails are nice (:

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