The Torch Is Always Carried

“And where the ancient kings are buried
New kings will rise and stand
And so the torch is always carried
Passed from hand to hand”
~Machinae Supremacy – Kings Of The Scene


Hey to all, I have a very important announcement regarding LEAF XCEED Music Division’s status on this blog. In the previous post, I mentioned that LEAF XCEED Music Division would no longer be used as my artist name, and that I would convert it into a label that handles not only my music but the music of those part of the roster.

Well, it already happened XD

That’s the basic framework of the site with just two posts — no releases yet. However, this is how it concerns you:

If you subscribed to this blog to follow only the music releases, please unsubscribe here and subscribe to the new Official Release Website.

However, if you subscribed to this blog to follow my personal blog posts, regardless of them being relevant to LEAF XCEED Music Division or not, subscribe to the new site if and only if you want to continue following the entirety of my musical endeavors.

Starting with this post, there will be no more official music releases done on this blog, and it will be converted into my personal blog completely. If I release music here, it’s a demo or it’s something that’s not official enough to reach the release site ( bonus tracks, unofficial singles, etc. ). Following me here is your choice.

As for what is currently on this blog, and by that I’m referring to every single Website Releases and Website Releases II post, they will all be intact. I will simplify modify the structureand overall presentation of this blog in the future to reflect the changes, because LEAF XCEED Music Division’s headquarters is no longer here — they’ve moved to a brand new house and lot, so to speak 🙂

Thanks for the continued listens and support, and see you on the other side!

~ by rtnario on January 22, 2013.

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