LEAF XCEED Music Division – This Is Not A Song, This Is An Update II

Greetings to all who have stayed on-board throughout the almost-half-a-year-of-silence regarding LEAF XCEED activity. There are people who follow this blog personally, but of course there are also the people who’re wondering what’s been happening LEAF XCEED Music Division-wise, after putting out such huge plans in the last update post.

Skimming through that, I realize that I did touch upon things that I saw as deterrents to progress. As I’ve come to realize and experience, I absolutely underestimated them. This new life is quite difficult, and while others may have handled it easily, I didn’t. A great number of things have been affected and I’ve had to let go of so many of them as well just to keep my bearings. That’s what’s been keeping me very busy from doing pretty much anything, but now that I feel I have some breathing room, I’m gonna use it to get back up and catch up with everybody. To be able to do that, I’ll have to start with myself, and there’s no better way than kicking some life back into LEAF XCEED.

Obviously, with all these changes and things to deal with, it’s an obvious deduction that all the projects I’ve listed in the last update post will have to be postponed. It’s quite an overwhelming list, but I’m sure that I’ll get to them when I get more comfortable in the future. The key word is “postponed”, because as much as possible I really don’t want to cancel them … the one that’s most likely to be cancelled if ever is the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic EP, because there are so many remixers already working on their own stuff; it has always been my nature to dedicate my remixing to the underdogs 🙂

Aside from postponing that, I also have a lot of other music-related projects to work on that isn’t just me (as in, they’re not LEAF XCEED projects, but they will definitely involve LEAF XCEED Music Division). Maybe I’ll shed some light on them when some progress (soundtrack-wise) is made. I’ve also been shifting my musical focus away from LEAF XCEED Music Division and towards … my singing. I can’t say I’m good at it, but everybody starts somewhere and I want to keep practicing until I develop good vocal technique. If you dare, you can find these attempts over at my SoundCloud, as well as some (kinda exclusive) LEAF XCEED Music Division stuff and remasters of my old solo guitar project, Ronin Amaro.

All that said, progress is gonna be quite slow with regards to the plans laid out for LEAF XCEED Music Division. Efforts need to be redirected to the projects at hand, I sing, and I have to pack on a hefty amount of smarts and study habits for college if I want to really reach my goals. From time to time, I might randomly spurt out something like what I’m about to in SoundCloud, but other than that, I’ll have to say that I really need to focus on things other than LEAF XCEED Music Division solely … for now.

I’ll get there in due time, and I hope you guys will like what I’ll have then. Thank you for your patience 🙂

~ by rtnario on May 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “LEAF XCEED Music Division – This Is Not A Song, This Is An Update II”

  1. I thought you were doing the soundtrack for a game? Or am I just late to the party?

    • I did and finished it, but I am currently not updated on the status of that; of course I’ll post as soon as anything comes up XD

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