Last Of October

Ahh. Finally back home. Actually, I’ve only left this seat for around one day and still I’ve longed to get back on it. Now that I’m back on it though, along with realizing that today’s the last day of October, it made me think about the end of this month in a similar way that I thought of the start of the previous month.

I hyped the previous month up as something where things really get started, but it’s funny how I don’t recall anything significant that comes to mind. Or my memory’s just that bad. All I remember was that it was a disappointment, but then again I don’t know what wouldn’t be a disappointment if you expect too much. Well, whatever, it was done a month ago, but that happening almost made me forget that while September was where things started, October was when things progressed. In a broader sense than what people may think.

Why do I say that?

Hahaha, really? I hope that question doesn’t come to mind. Because there are many reasons as to why October’s a month of progress and you’d know already if you do as much as follow my blog.

Let’s see here. Start with the obvious. Website Releases II was finished this month. Took me much less a time to finish than the first, which is perfectly understandable cause it simply means I got more comfortable with my composing. So I should get around to finalizing it if it’s been done for some time, huh? But I haven’t. And why is that? Oh, nothing, JUST A MUCH-EARLIER-THAN-EXPECTED FULFILLMENT OF ONE OF MY DREAMS. Can’t say much about that though, but hey, things will come as time passes πŸ™‚ And I promise to get right back on track on my initial itinerary as soon as I’m clear.

That’s on LEAF XCEED’s side, of course. In other news regarding personal life, I…got to…and…better…not what I thought…seriously glad…Hell yes. IT’S A GREAT MONTH AHAHAHAHAHAHA




Whoops. πŸ˜€ Depending on how much you personally know me, things will either make complete sense or none.

See ya in the next!

~ by rtnario on October 31, 2011.

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