LEAF XCEED Music Division – Dear You [ver. XCEED]

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Wow…it’s a different feeling when you know you’re doing the writeup for the very last release of Website Releases II…

This song being remixed is actually a big surprise. I had my own plans on how to end Website Releases II which involved two or three more songs, all decided, but after a friend (read: KEIRA LEE. THERE I CREDITED YOU XD) randomly had a Yahoo! Messenger status message linked to this video, my plans changed.

It’s a freaking beautiful song from Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni. From the anime? I don’t know. From the visual novel? I don’t know. Is the title really “Dear You” relating to the four character image songs with the name, or just “You”? I don’t know. Did this “Dai” compose it with this “Bermei.Inazawa” arranging it and this “Yuzuki” singing it? I don’t know. Heck, is this original or fanmade? I DON’T KNOW. MY RESEARCH ON THE ORIGIN OF THIS HAS ONLY LED ME TO CONFUSION, REALLY. XD

…however. What I DO know is that this song blew my mind on first listen. And if you checked the link to the original video, read the lyrics. They’re very emotionally striking. After those realizations, I just knew what I had to do; before it was even worked on, I already heard the remixed version in my head and it was the absolute perfect song for an album-ender.

So there you have it. A slow, symphonic-metal-ballad-type song to finally bring closure to Website Releases II, and I still can’t believe how perfectly appropriate it was that I bumped into the song accidentally, with it ending up ending my album. XD After this post I’m going to wrap-up Website Releases II and eventually release the album compilation as a whole, just like the original Website Releases before it.

Once more, enjoy…and farewell.

Bonus: For those who’re big fans as well of my 2nd favorite band in the entire world under the name of Sonata Arctica, you WILL realize the similarity between this album-ender and one of Sonata’s album-enders. Which is why I replicated (pun intended) the melody in the last guitar solo of this remix, and is probably why I knew that this remix would work best if the tempo was slower. Thank you, Tony Kakko, you forever guide my life. 😀

~ by rtnario on October 23, 2011.

8 Responses to “LEAF XCEED Music Division – Dear You [ver. XCEED]”

  1. Sonata Arctica? Does that mean you’ve heard of Nightwish? The Finnish are the best in metal rock/symphrock/powermetal, no doubt.

    • They’re clearly appearing as the best. That’s why I visit Finnish metal sites more now. XD Of course I’ve heard of Nightwish, but I don’t listen to them so much compared to my insane love for Sonata Arctica and everything that has ever come out of Tony Kakko’s genius songwriting.

      (totally not a fanboy)

  2. Liked cause I’m vain.

  3. *listens* ASDF IT’S BEAUTIFUL XD

  4. i im german and this song issssss veeeeeerrrrrrryyy beautiful

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