LEAF XCEED Music Division – Interludio

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So! I haven’t been on the internet actively due to my finals happening and also involuntarily, for my internet broke down for a couple of days right when I finished my finals. Beautiful timing, huh? Now that it’s back, I’m afraid of checking that huge number of notifications on Facebook, so I’m not doing that just yet. Instead, I’m posting this song I randomly made when trying to get my head together on what to do for this semestrial break.

When I last checked this post, I saw that I made finishing Website Releases II as my priority. I tried to set myself on a certain remix I’ve been working on for some time, but inspiration just wasn’t hitting me, and I have long been wanting to make something loud. None of my planned remixes were appealing to me, and none of my planned originals as well since they almost always have such a fixed song structure and I know that’ll be tiring.

So screw it. I did the first thing that came to my mind and not give a damn about perfectly structured original metal compositions which no one has heard from me since Universal Rift and Winter Night’s Journey. Mind you, this album is almost finished and I feel that people always find a huge lack of original metal compositions from me even in the original Website Releases. That’s solely because I have bigger plans for my originals which really will require a lot of time, effort, dedication and inspiration; it’s intimidating to think about.

Because of that, I decided to have some fun, upturned a figurative table and ended up with this Galneryus-like instrumental greatly inspired by Paganini. It’s what I would sound like if I turned into a legendary classical composer and was skilled in the art of shred. I’m not both. But hey, that’s what LEAF XCEED Music Division is for! XD

P.S. Interludio is Italian for Interlude. Paganini’s Italian.

~ by rtnario on October 15, 2011.

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