LEAF XCEED as of September 27, 2011

This itinerary is the last thing I’m gonna write before I go off to bed. XD Many things have happened in terms of progress when it comes to LEAF XCEED, and there are many more things planned; this post is about keeping you guys updated on what’s coming up next. This post itself is a direct reference to three years ago, when I made this post regarding the status of LEAF XCEED. Things were so simple back then, eh?

If you’ve been keeping up, LEAF XCEED only really exists nowadays as LEAF XCEED Music Division, my solo music project and the sole reason why complete strangers like yourself probably end up at my blog XD But as always, the other divisions still do exist albeit with great amounts of inactivity.

These divisions are:

    1. LEAF XCEED Technology Division headed by Carlo Montenegro and Patrick Bonifacio
    2. LEAF XCEED Comic Division headed by Paco Latinazo
    3. LEAF XCEED Art Division headed by Leila Gastardo
    4. LEAF XCEED Literature Division headed by Billy Atienza

These are the only known other divisions of LEAF XCEED that continue to exist, just that you’ve probably never heard of any of them before, even though they do have their respective heads. The inactivity is due to lack of any objective, because quite honestly there’s nothing to work on and I’ve been concentrating completely on LEAF XCEED Music Division. However, that isn’t a problem at all, everyone’s busy, but as for the divisions, they do exist and will have their time to shine in the future.

Meanwhile, LEAF XCEED Music Division has traveled far and wide from an alias I use to compose under. Safe to say that it’s getting everywhere on the internet through various forms of media, may it be a YouTube video, a podcast, background music, a game or animation and other such things. It’s a happy thing to see how much progress has been made ever since the start, and things can only get better as long as they don’t stop. But c’mon, will there ever be a day where I stop caring about music? I think not!

Here are the current plans for LEAF XCEED Music Division:

    1. Finish Website Releases II
    – very important goal. Once Website Releases II reaches its conclusion, this will pave the way for the bigger plans to take action. And if you’ve noticed, it’s almost done.
    2. Find out what to do with Soundtrack Of The Underground
    – Soundtrack Of The Underground is a very, very, very old compilation of obscure remixes started in 2009 and finished in 2010. In a few months it’s about to be 2012. Yes, I’ve hidden 7 fully completed remixes from the world just cause I don’t know what exactly to do with it XD;; The idea of seperate compilations of video game remixes clashes with the consideration of a Website Releases III though, so I’m still unsure about that. But I’m gonna go for full albums after Website Releases II, so I might as well mix this compilation and release it as my next course of action?
    3. Try Freelancing
    – I want to try my hand at offering my services to others. By this I don’t mean remix requests or such, but I mean composing specifically for the sake of making soundtracks to animations and games. I specifically want to start out with small projects that won’t take too much of my time, cause I already have long projects to consider. It’s gonna be an easy way to get the name of LEAF XCEED Music Division even more spread out, and myself as a composer.
    4. Work on Album Projects
    – I have plenty. There were already plans for a fully original album in the past, and then plans for a remix soundtrack that came after. And then recently plans for a different remix soundtrack composed of specific remixes from a series of games, and then plans to finish an album that could be considered my very first since it was conceived in my MIDI days. That’s 4 albums.

Well, while there’s all that for LEAF X MD, my priority really stays with Website Releases II because I can finally really decide on what to work on afterwards. In terms of interest, finishing the MIDI album comes to mind first, then Soundtrack Of The Underground, then the remix soundtracks. Freelancing for small projects applies for any time, honestly. As for Website Releases III, it’s an idea, but everything I work on from hereon out will probably have some sort of purpose already, making Website Releases III unnecessary.

So there you have it! That’s all the plans for the future when it comes to LEAF XCEED. One thing this doesn’t consider though is if I end up putting my efforts in an actual band, which would lessen my attention on anything LEAF XCEED Music Division related, but hey, that’s for the future to decide.

See ya in the next update! Questions or comments appreciated, but depending on what you ask I may reply with a direct or vague answer. 😀

~ by rtnario on September 27, 2011.

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  1. Wala bang Proness Division? 🙂

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