LEAF XCEED Music Division – Wherever The Wind Takes Me

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Amazing how when I try to work on something it usually ends up being postponed, but when I intend to do nothing something comes up. This here’s an original, and in fact is extremely similar in instruments, structures and melodies to its Website Releases counterpart, its spiritual predecessor, Midnight Breeze. No, really. Stream that track on Newgrounds and tell me they’re not related.

Inspired by Midnight Wind (the original track Midnight Breeze is a remix of) by Matthew Ridley, aka “KuroMisuki”, 403 Forbidenna & Yasunori Mitsuda of Chrono Trigger and Cross fame specifically for the piano and strings bit at the start.

The imagery is quite the same as Midnight Breeze, except a lot more emphasis is given on the wind, which you can actually hear. In this one, you’re a traveler making your way through hills, fields and valleys with a strong wind accompanying you, all under pale moonlight, only guided by shining stars.

~ by rtnario on September 25, 2011.

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