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Phoenix: HOLD IT!

HA! This blog’s becoming too much like an actual blog. SO HERE’S A NEW SONG

Even though there are times where I *gasp* actually do, I never like letting at least a month pass without me composing something new, public or otherwise. So here, I went back to roots and did a simple remix of Commander Yammark’s stage theme from Mega Man X6. Damn. I realize that things like these I can now call simple after going through Core Oppression, Death’s Embrace and The Eclipse Of Time. XD

I bumped into Mega Man X6 because of my Mega Man-loving brother who had it for the PSX. While majority of the stage themes dropped in catchiness after the first X games, there were some that were really so notable that when I heard my brother playing the MP3 on his PC a few days ago I knew I had to go back to this and remix it. Big surprise, the original was composed by Akemi Kimura, someone who worked on video game soundtracks like the ones you hear in Phoenix Wright. No wonder why it’s so good.

This here’s a simple application of LEAF XCEED Music Divisionā„¢ style video game metal remixes just as I’ve always done XD Works great with the mental image of traversing the jungle in the night with the moon hanging up above…and even more so with Rainy Mood!

~ by rtnario on August 27, 2011.

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