Midnight Mercato

First off, wow. I’m putting actual content so much so that it’s seeming less like a LEAF XCEED Music Division song release website and more like an actual WordPress blog! o:

Anyhow, so yesterday wasn’t a normal everyday Saturday for me. Instead of staying at home finding things to do with my time, whether it be attempting to do something FL Studio related or continue playing Super Robot Wars J, I did something special in the form of going all the way to my family’s condominium located in Taguig with my sister. My father and older sister use that condo regularly since their work requires them to be in Makati, which would explain why it exists in the first place to act as a second home to them when they can’t go all the way back to Quezon City.

At around 5 PM, we left to go there and met up with our sister, then stayed until around 9 PM. Of course, at the time I was already spinning, being fidgety and any other such action that would deem me eccentric solely because I was getting so hungry and I wanted to eat something. My sisters were preventing me from doing so, even though there were clearly good options in the near vicinity such as the blueberry pancakes from Pancake House that were somehow left behind, as if the world was trolling me. But the time came where we finally started our walk from the condo headed all the way to an area near the MC Home Depot.

I never really experienced what it was like to walk around Taguig that late, since I never had any reason to do so and that I rarely went there anyhow. But it was a nice change of pace, since it was pretty quiet with people already sleeping, and all my glances would be met by proper roads and buildings as if I wasn’t in the Philippines anymore. This was a clear example of what a proper urban environment would be like, albeit one that’s pretty silent.

After the long walk, we got to this one big tent with a huge collection of food stalls and a part inside where it’s air-conditioned. I couldn’t really imagine what this Midnight Mercato was based purely on descriptions by my sisters as a grand collection of so much food, but that’s basically what it was, and it definitely wasn’t some obscure place since it was fully crowded near the time it would open. Majority of it was open air, with stalls in all directions, tables in the middle, a performance in one area, smoke everywhere that’s overpowered by the smells of beef, pork, chicken and what have they being cooked (cause they also have cakes, and…do you cook a cake?)…there were not many places that could have so much great food that would annoy you for getting full quickly, but this is one place that’ll definitely do just that. This was Midnight Mercato.

The first few seconds have us entering the area and looking around.



Food, everywhere.

Barbeques and grilled foods of different kinds, steaks, noodles, cakes, mini-tacos, sushi and other Japanese food, takoyaki, fruit shakes, hotdogs, oriental bowls and homemade deep dish pizzas. That right there is an attempt for a description to cover everything that I saw…yes, a mere attempt. In every direction was a stall with at least one thing you’d want to try. And as I mentioned before, you’d wish your stomach was capable of handling more.

What I got was two orders of takoyaki (8 pieces), mini-tacos (6 pieces), a steak, potatoes and pasta meal, homemade wintermelon tea and large lemonade. First thing I ate was one order of takoyaki, and it tasted differently from the one I usually get since this had multiple sauces and had a crabstick in each ball. Really fulfilling though priced at P70. Then I ate the steak meal, and this is the kind of steak that would usually cost people so much but the whole thing came at P135. Definitely took me back and filled most of my stomach if it wasn’t the takoyaki. The mini-tacos cost P60 for a plate of 6 and it tasted just like what it’s called, although more taco beef would be good. Then I went around maybe twice…didn’t think I could get anything anymore, but something inside me told me to get more takoyaki, which explained the second order. I finished it all except for one half of one ball, and then I tapped out. Belt already loosened and all, I was stuffed. And that was like, from three stalls only, and there are maybe around 20, more or less.

By then the huge crowds of people weren’t walking around anymore, but all tables were still full which just goes to show how popular the place actually is. One sister stayed behind cause she was with her friends, while I went back to the condo with the other, and what she told me was true in the way that the worst part about going to Midnight Mercato is the whole trip walking back. But damn, if I had less things to do an appetite out of nowhere I would definitely go there more often. At least I got to experience what it was like, and anyone near the area should try it too.

~ by rtnario on August 21, 2011.

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  3. Mercato :3

    • ’tis awesome, yes 😀 I barely scratched the surface when it comes to the selection though ._o

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