LEAF XCEED Music Division – First Day High: School Is Magic

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While I’m not back to metal, I decided to try something a bit more different aside from classical-related genres and nothing that I’d do out of boredom and I wouldn’t usually do like 8-Bit Fireflies. So while I was brainstorming, a certain drumbeat came into my head and I concluded that it would fit best in a punk rock song. So why not, I went ahead and made the concept in one day and finished it in another.

As the title implies, I imagined my first day of school as a college student while composing this. So this track would seriously be perfect for those looking for a way to boost themselves as they start any day of school. Taking to heart influences from artists such as Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Green Day, Sum 41 & Stereopony as well as utilizing my own ideas, I ended up with this result. And I really like it. XD

After much thought, I decided to name this song First Day High. But then I realized something…that the chorus was very, very inspired by one Daniel Ingram…and if you know who this man is, I respect you. I couldn’t help it. It fit too well. I had to make a reference somehow. 🙂

…so I quickly thought of an addition to the title of the song in 10 seconds flat…

~ by rtnario on July 23, 2011.

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