LEAF XCEED Music Division – The Eclipse Of Time

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Core Oppression and Death’s Embrace, step aside. The new juggernaut of symphonic metal video game remixes that acts as an anthem for destruction has arrived. Reaching a song length of six minutes and thirty-three seconds, this is the lengthiest track and remix that I’ve ever created.

This is The Eclipse Of Time.

The original tracks, Lavos’ Theme and World Revolution are both from the legendary 2-D RPG developed by Squaresoft in 1995, Chrono Trigger. There were a great number of things notable about this game aside from its highly critical acclaim, and one of them being the distinction of the game that officially launched the career of the now distinguished video game music composer, Yasunori Mitsuda.

Wait a second. Chrono Trigger. Insanely popular game. Must have so many remixes for it. In fact, albums dedicated to remixing some of its soundtrack. But just as I worked on a Chrono Trigger remix over more than a year ago by the name of The Black Wind Howls, if a track isn’t remixed the way I’d love to hear it, then I’ll go do it myself. Actually, before I even started on The Black Wind Howls, I picked the more obscure but potentially-charged songs from the soundtrack to see which one I’d remix. I picked a total of three, which would be Battle With Magus, Lavos’ Theme and The Day The World Revived. The last is basically a softer version of one part from Lavos’ Theme, which would mean I really only had two choices, but I chose the easier and more familiar one.

Now that I have much more experience, it was about time I tapped the metal potential that I saw in Lavos’ Theme. I decided to do that after I somehow ran into World Revolution on YouTube and realized that it also was something I’d like to remix. The moment I thought of combining these two tracks together led me into five days of work dedicated to working on what I thought to be my largest-scale remix that would blow past works out of the water.

And, big surprise, that’s just what this remix did. I’m quite proud of this one, since it did go through so much planning and revision to finally arrive at the 6-minute-33-second result it turned out to become. Surely I’ll never be able to work on anything that will come close to the impression that this track gives, at least not anytime soon.

~ by rtnario on July 12, 2011.

9 Responses to “LEAF XCEED Music Division – The Eclipse Of Time”

  1. Im quite impressed. This was my favorite CT song, and all you did was revive the flaring grip it had on my heart back then to now. Im also the same guy from Newgrounds if you remember me… If not, pay it no heed.

    • There are a chosen few that I really remember for their in-depth reviews and consistency; you’re one of them 🙂 But I do admit I had to check your past reviews to refresh my memory, and you’re the one I luckily got to introduce to the AWESOMENESS that is Super Robot Taisen XD

      I’m glad you finally got here though, since Newgrounds is basically a mirror to what I post here, and I post -everything- here 🙂 The last song I uploaded there was Greener Greens, and I’m already 8 songs past. Plus all the other songs I didn’t post there too. If you want to be notified if I do anything new, go ahead and subscribe at the lower-right, but of course that’s up to you! Although it would be nice to see you around more often here so you don’t miss out on the songs I make that you may like 🙂

      Thanks again for dropping by!

    • Aaaaand thanks for subscribing haha, I got an e-mail notification 😀 Here’s a little prize, I’m sure you’ll love it if you haven’t already:


  2. You, sir, have created a true masterpiece.
    Twice the length of The Black Wind Howls, and even thrice the quality of that song. You truly are a genius!

    • I didn’t pour in all my remixing power here for nothing, it still is my best remix to date 😀

      Thank you and glad you like it!

  3. your remixes are amazin bro xD i been checkin ya stuff out since i came across the black wind howls a good year and a half ago

    • Haha, thanks man 😀 That’s been some time ago … hope you’ll like what what I have in the future then!

  4. Probably, almost guaranteed, one of the best mixes of these songs I’ve ever heard. Well done, sir, well done.

    • Thank you so much, and I’m glad you like it after all the effort I put in this specific remix 🙂

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