Making Video Games

This is a topic that I’ve always thought about in my head, but I figured it’d be easier to organize all my ideas (along with sharing them to the world) via a WordPress post.

Making a video game. I don’t think there has ever been a point in my life where I DIDN’T wish I wanted to make a video game. Before I worked on my #1 passion under the name of LEAF XCEED Music Division and got where I am now, I did a variety of many other things (albeit still computer-related). There were points in time where I made my own “movies” and “games” in Microsoft Powerpoint, where I constantly looked for ways to improve my drawing skills, where I studied Photoshop tutorials, where I read up on QBASIC programming, where I tried making Flash animations and games, and where I attempted making my own website.

Nowadays, my daily activity has been drastically condensed to just composing and gaming for the most part. Along with that, I manage my hybrid website/blog as well as the multiple sites that I have set up for LEAF XCEED (Facebook, Newgrounds, YouTube,…). Whatever happened to all the things I used to do before, to all the directions that I could’ve possibly gone if not for music? Nope, they didn’t disappear, I’ll give you that. They’ve been hidden away somewhere in myself, hoping that one day, in one way or another, they’ll find use again in my life.

How does all that connect to the post’s title? Easy. The creation of movies and games in Powerpoint and Flash might mean that I am capable of and enjoy making my own stories and directing my own cast of characters. Liking drawing and fancy visuals might mean that I’m capable of my own art style that’ll fit my story. Studying QBASIC and Flash might mean that I could possibly program entire events if I really put my mind to it. I spammed the words “might” and “capable” since those are things I’m not assured of, but in the music department, I don’t think I need to explain myself further, do I? 😀

It’s like everything I enjoyed doing in the past can all be utilized for one purpose, a purpose that I’ve always thought of, and makes all the prerequisites make absolute sense. It’s one thing composing, drawing or programming for something, but it’s another to take on a project all on your own, by yourself with minimal input from anyone else. Admittedly, I notice now that history shows that I’ve done way more of the latter than the former if not for certain restrictions. It’s no wonder why in the world of arts there are many things I prefer doing myself or at least I make sure that things go my way. So in the classification of people who work better with other people and people who work better by themselves, I’d hands-down say I’m the latter (I am not saying however that I don’t want to or cannot at all work with others XD).

Let’s take a break from text and have a showcase of what I did do in the past, shall we?


War - My first Powerpoint movie that garnered the Grade School computer room.


The Walls Of Ultimate Patience - One of my very first mouse games. I gave it a weird name.


Stickwars 2 - Obviously I got better at what I did if you compare this to War. The latter half of my Stickwars series and the Powerpoint movie I worked on the most to date.


The Walls Of Ultimate Patience EX - Yes, by this time I was already in 1st Year High School, which would explain the huge jump in terms of quality compared to the original. It had 5 sections with 5 levels each--I only finished 2 sections. Then I discovered NoteWorthy Composer...


Now for some interactivity. Along with TWOUP EX I also was making another mouse game called Block Breakout which again, was never finished. I did however make a beta version for one of my affiliates, and I also uploaded it for you to get an idea of what I did back then before studio. XD It may work or may not, IDK how it reacts to Microsoft Office versions other than 2003. Download, open, enjoy.

Block Breakout Beta 1

As for Flash, I also did some movies which were all stick fights and games as school projects. What I uploaded was the best stick fight I had called Stick Fighters 3, and the computer project to create a simple Flash game which I called Pac-shooter, and you’ll see just why I named it that way when you try it out XD

Stick Fighters 3


So there! Now it’s easy to see that in the past, I wasn’t just all about LEAF XCEED Music Division; there was a legitimate reason as to why I made LEAF XCEED a multi-division organization instead of sticking with completely different names for different artistic endeavors. After people read this, they’ll understand why sometimes I just have the seemingly random urge to make my own RPG, my own shoot-em-up or maybe my own visual novel even. That doesn’t just stem from nowhere. I have history, and I explained a huge bunch of it right here in this post XD

I am absolutely sure that one of these days I’ll get to work on making my own video game. Not anything half-finished or never completed, but something I will finally take 100% seriously. If I get lucky, I could pull a Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya, also known as the creator of Cave Story, and make a great freeware game that would be enjoyed by so many.

Who knows what the future will bring? Only time will tell. Back then, I thought that my music wouldn’t get me anywhere soon, what with the differences of my style with the rest of the Philippines. But the internet makes the world a much smaller place. And here I am, continuously moving forward with LEAF XCEED Music Division. Who knows what’ll happen if I take it one step further and enter the realm of video game development. 😀

~ by rtnario on June 1, 2011.

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  1. Pro.

  2. Block Breakout. Block BREAKout. Block BreakOUT. BREAK. OUT. BREAK. OUT. BREAK.


  3. I have this history, except slightly in reverse (I guess). I started out only ever making video games and learning how to code Game Maker Language (which is remarkably similar to C++ and JavaScript) for about three years when I got really into music.

    I stopped with games (making them) for a long time for about two years, when I picked up music again, and then offering my services to three games, two of which I’m pretty sure I’ll never hear about again (Protip: make sure you have quality control when giving your services, if you ever do).

    I was lucky when I got the job that’s still in progress now: I get freedom to do whatever I want: whatever concepts I wanted to put out, soundscapes I wanted to create, whatever, but with a person guiding you along, you don’t get any of that.

    When I realized this, I also matured a whole heap with learning philosophy and expressive media, and decided to take the whole game and music thing to a new level. I sometimes give ‘insights’ (if you will) to other game developers, considering it an art (which it rightfully is) and have thoughts that will “revolutionize the music industry and change it’s standards”, but really, the best thing I can do for myself is remain an individual and exercise my ‘skills’ individually.

    What I mean is this: having a musical style that is so radical and unique is an essential thing (we can’t all just be hardstyle and trance, you know) for the art, and even though the industry will never be what is best and just what earns money, you do what you can, and you will get rewarded for it.

    Just what I’ve learned so far:

    – Try and do something yourself without references first before asking for help: develop your own ideas without conflicting arguments from others.
    – Don’t skimp out on writing: “Why so serious for? This is a game!” – No.
    – Be individual, and stay this way. You belong to no subculture, when people call you “cool geeky”, “metal” or “gamer”, it means nothing.
    – Don’t put yourself down, but recognize whatever skills you have (and never brag).
    – Have fun.

    You might think “this is serious business, isn’t it”, but these are just some of my experiences. Hope it helps 🙂

    • Argh, I should’ve proof-read that. Hope it isn’t too confusing, but I’m way out of it from studying too much for exams :/

    • That’s reverse all right XD I guess we all have our own ways of maximizing not only our potential but the potential of others just like your giving of your insights. People with unique musical styles most definitely have the upper hand in the industry, and you’ll always get rewarded for it, or maybe get even more so than just that if you really put your all into it.

      What you’ve learned so far though are mostly things that I already keep to heart, except the genre part. After all, we’re both musicians and we’ve both bumped into these realizations one way or another 😀

      I’ve recently been forgetting the first point since my most difficult work at the moment requires certain specifics with regards to theme and sound. If I concentrate too much on the theme, the song itself loses personality and I start to make it sound insanely generic (the good part is that I really notice it when I start hearing lesser than what I know I can do). But the magic moment happens when what you make freely happens to be what you need, but even better.

      I always make it a point to have everything I compose have my own touch no matter how simple the use may be. If given the right conditions, I know for a fact that I’ll always like what I compose, and that alone is a very high standard for me. And side comment, if it’s a video game, then I find myself prioritizing it even more than say, real songs XDDDD

      About genres, I do admit to really finding ways to stick to some, but in the end even my own history shows that genre for me is a highly subjective word to use on absolutely any song. Often times genre isn’t able to give you the full, complete idea of what the song is…just a part of it. But in the end I could say that my individuality surely shows through my songwriting, and I even gave it a name (Video Game Power Metal) which still isn’t completely accurate but good enough for me. 😀

      …I do brag, but always for comedic effect and never for anything else XD I’d never brag about my compositions if I know that it’ll lead to more bad than good to not just myself but to everyone concerned.

      And there you have it. My side and my view. I hope my own insight helps you too just as yours helps me! Oh, by the way, college is starting for me, so you’re not alone in that aspect of having academics either. 😀

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