Blog Redesign & Cleanup

Yo. If you’ve been around my blog recently, you’ll notice quite a lot of recent changes. Since I can’t be bothered to do things like cleaning my closet in real life at the moment, I did cleaning on the internet instead 😀

I decided to redesign and rearrange the entire blog to be, well, better. Here’s a list of what exactly I did:

  1. The blog title has changed! …from rtnario HQ – Blog to just rtnario HQ. And the subtitle too in an attempt to make it sound more epic.
  2. LEAF XCEED’s signature design called “A Different Snow” has spread out from being just a header to being the entire background of the site. Although it’ll start looking off on resolutions higher than 1920 x 1200, anything lower than that will have it displaying normally. Useful site is useful.
  3. …and instead they’re two random pictures of me looking away from the camera trying to make this blog more personal!
  4. The introduction post has been modified slightly with some new lines. I figured that most people may need some guidance when they go to this blog looking for my music and instead find, well, my blog.
  5. The sidebar. Again, I totally didn’t rip off my affiliate’s Spotlight feature, and I thought that it would be a convenience to the first-timers who instantly want to hear everything at once.
  6. The sidebar. Above the Recent Posts section, I also added the Recent Songs section which displays only the last 5 song releases. Useful if you want to avoid my journal entries/ranting/emotime/et cetera! XD
  7. The sidebar. Yeah, you can already tell I like what I did to the sidebar, eh? Fiddling around with WordPress more got me to realize that there are RSS feeds available for most everything in anyone’s WordPress page, so I got two links that would have people who are…-really- liking my music for some reason make it easier for them to keep up-to-date. Also cause Rainmeter!
  8. This is something more internal: I removed most of the goddamn code that has a new tab instantly opening up for every link you click on this blog. Back then I thought it was a godsend, but now it pisses me off >>;; Links now function NORMALLY, not FORCING a new tab to open up with the URL. This only applies for the links that redirect you to different portions of the site, not the ones that lead to different websites altogether. It only makes sense. This doesn’t apply for links in all the song releases prior to this cleanup though, since…too much of a hassle to edit them all. I’ll do this only for posts from hereon out XD
  9. The Downloads Section. Check it out, I finally made Photoshop a bit more useful again! I’ll make headers like the ones I made for the Website Releases series for every major release now. I also put all the song links in their own seperate pages since eventually the Downloads Section would be cluttered as hell if I didn’t. A bit of tweaking here and there, and boom, the shiny has come. 😀

Now that you’ve read past the huge changelog, maybe I can finally start explaining why I decided to do this. After I posted the poll about the whole website thing, and asked opinions of friends, one opinion did stand out the most. If I were to make a website, why? Would I really need all the features and freedom that my own website will give me that’s worth the hassle of all the coding, or is WordPress good enough for me as of now? I arrived at a decision after thinking it through; if I do want to try making a website, it’ll be a test run of sorts to see if things will be better that way.

Until then, I’ll completely transform this blog into my full-fledged site, hence the renaming of rtnario HQ – Blog into just rtnario HQ and all the personalization and customization that I just did to it. I mean, why not? It’s been working pretty well for me, and the mere fact that you, possibly a stranger to me IRL are reading this post speaks volumes that it does work and it does get my music around!

So there you have it. I hope you enjoy the new design and all, worked hard on it…things can only get better 😀

~ by rtnario on May 31, 2011.

6 Responses to “Blog Redesign & Cleanup”


  2. Very Nice Redesign Ramon!
    I think this’ll do nicely until your expansion capabilities here are tapped out.
    I really enjoy the background, its not busy but it catches the eye so easily.

    • Thanks Doug! Yeah, if I start to really need it, then I’ll definitely go for a new website. Until then, might as well take this blog seriously and complete its transformation into a full-fledged website XD

      That background is a signature design in relation to LEAF XCEED–it’s been there forever and has been used in many things. It has a history, and as you imply to me, it works 😀

  3. WordPress is enough. *WP fanatic*

    • It’s really looking like it. What an odd way to distribute music, but hey, it works. XD

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