Future Plans – Website Direction




Let me explain before you answer that poll. Of course, a lot of my internet-based activities are very much based on Machinae Supremacy, the difference being that I started getting around by using this blog and transforming it into a download hub for all my songs. Heck, if you’re reading this and you don’t personally know me, then you’ll know that it works! XD But I have big plans ahead for the future of LEAF XCEED Music Division, and not just that but basically all of LEAF XCEED itself, and any of my musical endeavors (bands I’m/I’ll be in, Ronin Amaro, etc.). If I were to create a website, it will definitely be my own personalized spot on the internet full of information, downloads and more.

The difference between my current headquarters (this website) and the custom website I might make in the near or far future, is that I will have absolute control over everything like coding, design, presentation and all that. It’ll definitely be more difficult than the user-friendly interface that WordPress gives everyone, but it’s always worth it in the long run knowing that you are the administrator of your own webpage with no limits.

Reasons as to why I’ve come to this decision are because it’s true that the big plans that I’ve mentioned are ones I intend to get a move on, and it’d make sense to launch something completely fresh, new, and out of the ordinary along with the first ever remix album I’m intending to make, finish and put out to the public for the world to hear. It’d be a nice start and a way to launch the improved rtnario HQ website.

…what do you think? o: *points to the poll*

~ by rtnario on May 26, 2011.

6 Responses to “Future Plans – Website Direction”

  1. You’re into Machinae Supremacy? For some reason, I feel you have gained a notch in awesome.

    Anyway, I think you should create your own site. If you’re serious about this, which, judging by the quality of your music, you are, don’t let anything stop you from doing your own thing.

    • Thanks, and the more you know! Machinae Supremacy is actually my favorite band. This is why I made Website Releases and Website Releases II…it was to imitate their whole “Webography” section XD

      I am, but I’m just wondering if the time is right for me to do so. o:

  2. While having this as your music site works for now, I do encourage your step towards a new site.
    I share your caution though. It’s not a decision to make lightly.

    • Yeah, maybe I’ll just play around with a new website and test things out before I make my decision final XD

  3. definetly a new website :>

    • I kinda already decided to stick with my WordPress until further notice…it didn’t look this fancy before, trust me XD

      But yeah, it will happen eventually for sure!

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