Future Plans – Release Types

As with many other things to consider for the future, which led me to my previously made decision of laying off my quest for OverClocked ReMix, one of the other things I considered about LEAF XCEED Music Division is the way that I release songs.

Any daily listener of my works would be used to my current format. I release on a song-per-song basis, them being up for download instantly on MediaFire via a blog post and with additional yet optional features of being featured in its own YouTube version or in Newgrounds Audio for high-quality instant streaming. By doing so, it got me where I am now, but I’m constantly looking for better, faster and more efficient ways to progress with LEAF X MD. Then it made me dwell on the general topic of how commercial artists got popular.

Then it hit me.


They release their songs in album form. Sure, single songs are nice but then any of them getting a certain extent of popularity would mean they’re one-shot wonders. Exhibit A, 8-Bit Fireflies on YouTube. Exhibit B, Spark Mandrill – Short Circuit on Last.fm. Exhibit C, YuYu Metal on Newgrounds Audio. Those are my most successful songs to date from their respective websites where they got this success. But you’ll rarely hear anyone talking about the album it came from. You’ll only hear what they think of the specific song. And I don’t blame them.

Take a look at Website Releases and Website Releases II. They are, quite literally, the default album title for any and all of my music ideas and remixes that I wish to share to the world instantly. Which means, anything and everything can be found in these albums, ranging from really soft piano pieces, to the rare piece with orchestral designs, to my style of metal and finally to every single video game remix (there are too many of them, but I love what I do!). That said, people won’t download everything from the album knowing that the track they liked from it may be drastically different from the next one. Quite logical.

Not unless you, for some reason, like everything I make, and I really thank you for your support (people, you know who you are)…which still isn’t the case 99% of the time XD

So this is what I’m going to do about it. I’m gonna shift my focus from single songs and concentrate more on album releases. I apologize to those who got used to having me pop up with a song every now and then, cause it’s gonna be a lot less frequent. But if I really want to go somewhere with LEAF XCEED Music Division, I feel that this is a good way to do so. Just to clarify, no, I am not shutting Website Releases II down for I will always get that inevitable urge to make a track that does not fit in any possible album plans I may have in the future. It’s just that it’s probably gonna take a very long time, more than the 2 years that Website Releases took, to complete Website Releases II.

But remember that I’m doing this for what I believe to be the better decision towards progress. 😀

Things are gonna come in bundles, but those bundles aren’t gonna be any less nice than my single songs, and it’ll have a more unified flow that albums in general thrive on. Projects like Soundtrack Of The Underground might just live again. I’ll also be able to use my bandcamp and finally earn some monetary retribution for those who really support what I do. More possibilities I have never explored when I thought that I had reached some sort of dead end in progress.

So stay tuned. My current priority is remixing the soundtrack of a certain game. Yes, the soundtrack. Yes, just one game.

And I don’t intend to disappoint. 🙂

~ by rtnario on May 19, 2011.

5 Responses to “Future Plans – Release Types”

  1. A whole soundtrack?!
    Holy crap that sounds intensive…And undeniably awesome.
    I can’t wait to hear it!

    • Heh, if you played a lot of SNES you should know this one very well 🙂

      • =_=;

        Alas all I had in my youth was an NES then jumped right up to GameCube. I have HEARD many an SNES song from many games, so maybe I’ll know it when I hear it. Heh.

  2. Nice to see you going in a specific direction 🙂

    • Yep, and I’m so set on this one too 😀 I hope this works out, but I can already imagine what could happen, and it looks good to me XD

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