Challenge Postponed

…yeah. So much for sounding all high and mighty about getting into OverClocked ReMix, huh? Well, I have pretty good reasons.

I am not taking back anything I said. It’s still one of my goals in life and one day I’d love to be able to fulfill it. It is still a website that promotes creativity and innovation from remixers. But as of right now, I realize that what I was trying to do there was commit to a drastic change that I was simply uncomfortable with. The guys who commented on my post were right; just because it’s not what OCR is looking for doesn’t mean it’s not good music. You can relate it to something more ordinary, like deciding you’ll want to maybe start committing to exercise schedules, room cleaning schedules, study schedules and everything the next day when at present time you’re not doing any of those at all. It’s too drastic a change, too unnatural, no smooth progression at all.

Considering that my style of remixing purely relies on the original source melody and structure to be great for enhancing and rearranging instead of relying on a re-imagining of the entire melody and structure by the remixer itself, it definitely is too drastic a change.

Maybe I’m not creative and innovative enough right now for OCR, but I am thoroughly satisfied with the way I remix songs, and I’ve gotten far compared to how I imagined it way back then when I started. The proof to that is on the internet, and in fact you’re proof enough if you’re reading this because you’ve heard my works.

It’s not like I’m never trying for OCR ever again, but that time won’t be anytime soon as long as my musical style stays as is. Someday, I’ll be there and I’ll make sure of that, but even though that would’ve been probably the easiest avenue to get around and to be known in the video game remix scene, I’ll be an innovator in a different way…

…and make one myself. šŸ˜€

It’ll be difficult, but we’ll be under a blue moon tonight if it’s not worth it.

Oh, and for those looking to see if Lost In Darkness, the concept I posted here will ever be accomplished, it might. But the whole remix may change back into my style, so it may not be a finished version of what you’ve already heard from the concept I posted there. Once more, thanks to all those who came from OCR who were interested and who supported my WIP, I may see you again sometime in the future!

I’ve postponed my quest for OCR, but I won’t ever stop making music.

~ by rtnario on May 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Challenge Postponed”

  1. Hmm. Good luck. šŸ˜› XD

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