LEAF XCEED Music Division – Universal Rift

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Now here’s a significantly different piece of work compared to everything I’ve ever released. This is my attempt at a sort of apocalyptic the-world-is-ending kind of song, and its genre is not video game power metal or anything like that. It’s a mixture of symphonic and progressive metal with some inspiration from death and folk metal styles. Hell, the “chorus” doesn’t play more than once, and it’s even the first time I officially used blast beats in an original composition. However, the end result is really a symphonic progressive metal whirlpool, and as the title says, while making this I imagined a rift in the universe, a crack in the sky that just grows bigger and bigger while devouring everything in its vicinity.

I predict that the real metalheads will enjoy this more than usual, while those not acquainted with this style will prefer my other material. Either way, I hope this track is one you enjoy since I had a blast making something which was a total departure from my usual. 😀

~ by rtnario on May 17, 2011.

4 Responses to “LEAF XCEED Music Division – Universal Rift”

  1. -epic build-up of orchestration signalling the end of the universe-

    -insane riffage-

    It has started

  2. Very Awesome work!
    I can see with your music exactly how you described it.
    In other words…..my sky got ate.
    As did the rest of the universe.

    • Thanks man! And yes, every time I listen to this the universe keeps getting sucked in the rift. Maybe I shouldn’t listen to this as much D: XD

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