What The Future Will Bring

It felt so great being able to do those last two remixes in such quick succession, and I’m talking about Greener Greens and Death’s Embrace. I was really thinking about making it three-in-a-row, but after looking at all the concepts for video game remixes I had, I realized something…and that made me seriously consider the future of my musical endeavors.

See, I’ve been remixing music ever since I got my hands on a MIDI program called NoteWorthy Composer. And from there, I only got better throughout the years I’ve been remixing in more ways than one, like arrangement, song structure, note melodies and harmonies, having a certain genre, a certain style and song mixing and production. And now I’ve remixed a grand total of 54…54 complete songs, including all unreleased tracks and all MIDI tracks, all from scratch, no sheets or bases with me listening to all notes and percussion in the original and giving my interpretation. Unfinished tracks do not count, and there are plenty. Can you find an 18-year-old Filipino who has done the same or even more? Even harder, can you find anyone who composes like I do?

No, I’m not asking that with the intention of bragging. I’m asking that with the intention of hoping to find some answers to my current dilemma; I do not know my direction. Or if there is one, I find difficulty in following it.

One such direction is one that I have because around 75% of those remixes are from video games. I’ve admittedly been growing tired of simply posting things in my blog and uploading them to YouTube and Newgrounds Audio. And if you type video game remix in Google, the first thing that will come up is the grandaddy of all video game remix sites, and it is none other than OverClocked ReMix, what probably IS the most recognized video game remix website in all of history thus far. And it takes an insane lot of skill to be able to have your works posted there, because they have an entire judging process to see if your remix is worthy of being on the site.

Go for it? Let me put this in perspective; one of the video game metal bands I listen to and really love tried submitting one of their works there only for it to be rejected, a band called Year 200X. I thought the judging panel of OCRemix was intimidating enough, but to find what happened recently with Year 200X shocked me.

I’ll talk about OverClocked ReMix. Aside from what was already said, their standards and judging style are very different if you’re looking at it from a LEAF XCEED Music Division perspective. Along with sky-high production standards which is insanely difficult in itself, they concentrate on the arrangements and personal interpretations of the remixer, even if it means genre-switching or mood-switching using the source as a base. That’s not a bad thing at all and in fact encourages so much creativity from the remixer, but if you listen to my video game remixes you’ll find that I absolutely love retaining or enhancing (to exaggerated proportions) the original feel of the song by way of minimum changes to the structure and melodies, and very loud metal. I’ve gotten considerably far doing just that in some ways, but it seems I can’t get away with just that forever if I truly want to make it in the video game remix scene and consequently the general video game music scene itself.

Of course, I can just be satisfied with what I currently do and be less-than-surprised that I can complete intricate-sounding remixes in less than a day, but then that only begs the challenge of trying to up my standards so damn high that I make it big on OverClocked ReMix. But, wtf, some months ago four people related to OCRemix including the offical OCRemix account itself added me on YouTube…are they calling me or something?

…I’ve honestly run of thoughts to talk about so I’m gonna stop it here. But really, after all that I’ve done…where do I go now?

~ by rtnario on May 9, 2011.

4 Responses to “What The Future Will Bring”

  1. This… I can sort of relate to my experiences in applying to colleges abroad, as they were mostly art schools, and art is closely linked with music.

    Is OverClocked ReMix the only famous site for your type of music? How far off are their “ideals” from yours? Perhaps what you need to do is to analyse the differences between their music and yours, and decide if you either want or can (or both or neither) match your interpretations with the sort of thing they expect to hear. It will be constricting, but there is always room for creativity.

    When you’ve done that, give it a go, maybe two, three, four times. Nothing to lose if you try more than once, right? Make a deal with yourself. Something like “If, after *insert number of tries here* attempts, they do not accept my music, I will look elsewhere for recognition/devote time to improve myself before trying again.”

    (did that make sense? XD)

    • Yeah, they really are. They’ve dominated every single other attempt at a video game remix site and that’s because they really are great at what they do. Actually, I’ve decided already that I’m gonna try for it even though their ideals of a remix are different from mine. In a way, this decision was made easier because they really -are- the only option there for me, so at least I know exactly what I have to try doing to get in there XD

      Yeah, I’m gonna try that, but as for the number of retries, that depends on their reactions to my work. Many times they reject submissions but also ask them to resubmit and fix it for OCR standards. If I at least get that on my first try, then I’ll higher hopes of making it. If not…yeah, the latter option XD

      …and yes, it did make sense, and it did help, thank you 😀

  2. It’s up to you, really. But I’d go as far as I can if I were you. 🙂

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