LEAF XCEED Music Division – The End Of 1000 Years

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Melty Blood! (it always sounded funny) For those of you who have never bumped into the anime Shingetsutan Tsukihime, any of the Melty Blood fighting games or Tsukihime itself, you’ve probably never played a single visual novel in your life (IN WHICH CASE YOU SHOULD START WITH THIS ONE! ^_^). Or you never looked up Fate/stay night enough to find out that Type-Moon already had a hit franchise other than what was mentioned.

In short, and from what I know, Melty Blood is of course a fighting game based on Tsukihime and I think mixed with a bunch of other shows from the same company. Well, I’m likely to be wrong, but then again I never got hooked on it when I tried playing XD A lot of its soundtrack is full of an odd mixture of violin-based pieces and then things that sounded like techno. But from that soundtrack there are gems that are definitely worth hearing, and one of them is a track originally called “The end of 1000years”. By the way, this track has been remixed over, and over, and over, and over. Against my usual policy of remixing obscure tracks? Yeah, sure. But the thing is, all these remixers approached it in different ways. None of them the way I wanted. In some the guitar was too weak and the arrangement seemed to lack instruments from the original piece. In some it suddenly turned into 4/4 so the original melodies were altered. = =

All I was looking for was a facelift of this song. I would’ve done that in the past, but I wasn’t as experienced as I am today to build a song with freakin’ complicated piano parts from scratch. So for the benefit of all who’re simply looking for a fresher-sounding version of the original piece (with the exception of one violin part being replaced with a guitar…hey, I’m LEAF XCEED Music Division what did you expect XD), here it is. Faithful to the original as I can possibly muster with my own tweaks, but really, making this song from scratch was HELL because of that damn piano. But hey, my piano knowledge got -kinda- better because of this!


…oh, and you also get to hear my personal best mixing so far currently used for writing songs for my album. 😀

~ by rtnario on April 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “LEAF XCEED Music Division – The End Of 1000 Years”

  1. Awesome!
    It’s got a very nice sound to it indeed, very crisp and sharp!
    I really like the guitar work mixed with that piano part.
    Excellent Job once again!

  2. […] Guitar, drums, and piano. That’s what I kept thinking about. Ah, maybe I should repeat the experiment without music… Eh, I’m too lazy for that. Ah, and if you want to know what I was listening to, and but that I mean “So that no one, that is, everyone who reads this, knows it”, here. […]

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