LEAF XCEED Music Division – Forest Labyrinth

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Well! Why do we have another Lufia III/TLR remix here?! Apparently I can’t do Lufia III remixes if they’re not a pair. *points at Guard Daos and Diary Of Memories being right next to each other on the tracklist*

To be honest, this track came to be because…I was so annoyed at myself for not being able to come up with anything new, original and interesting even after having this new CPU XD;; The feeling of having so much power but not being able to utilize it really sucks…so I tried thinking why I’m feeling like this. I had so many ideas when my CPU was Lux, but now that I have N9 I couldn’t think of those ideas anymore, and anything I came up with was so generic. I thought of that quote in Nodame Cantabile that one of the characters said, about looking back and making sure you didn’t leave anything behind. I looked at my tracklist and noticed the influx of classical-style pieces…maybe…my mindset was still stuck in that genre/style of composing? I looked further back and saw the huge amount of video game remixes I had. They all (most of them anyways) had the one thing I wanted, and that was a sound that screamed video game metal/rock.

I wanted that sound with me again, stuck in my head as my inspiration for creating my own music. Putting the logic together, I’ll be sure to be able to create unique original compositions once more after I’m inspired enough by my biggest inspiration in the world of music.

So! That only means that this “Forest Labyrinth” track is one that goes back to the video game metal remixing style I’ve always had, while using a template that’s an insanely cleaner (and volume regulated) version of songs like The Black Wind Howls and Imminent Chaos. Quite short, but hey, so was Guard Daos. XD

~ by rtnario on April 13, 2011.

5 Responses to “LEAF XCEED Music Division – Forest Labyrinth”

  1. And funny, we were just talking about looking back at our inspirations last night. I’m listening to Fuwa Fuwa Time as I read this article… ah yes, inspiration. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind too.

  2. Doug here, I really enjoy this one too.
    It has a sense of mystery to it yet with the added metal sound it’s also a potent drive of exploration and adventure in it.

    (Off-Topic: I’ve actually had my blog for a while now, just need to remember to use it more often)

    • Glad you do! ^_^ And damn man use your blog more XDD

      • hehe, alright I will.
        I’ll even update it today and also work on the Pokemon track listed in the upcoming tracks.

        Just need to get the rest of my darn files off of my old computer. (It fights me. D: )

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