The title…that’s the name of my new CPU. (PARALLELISM FTW! for more info check here)

After 2 years with Lux Aeterna, it was about time to move on after I myself had graduated from the Ateneo High School and was well on my way to college.

On April 7, 2011, the plan was for me to go to SM North’s Annex to buy my computer. Prior to the day itself, I had already scouted around the area for the best possible CPU deal with the most powerful processor, the Intel i7. It was easy because SM North has its Cyberzone, which took up the entirety of the top floor with technology visible in all directions.

Anyway, all the parts were reserved via phone before going. We only actually went to Complink for the computer and the parts, with one specific part being bought in a shop elsewhere. It’s like…when I first bought Lux, there was one part that was needed from another store, and here it is again with N9 XD It’s an extra fan to keep my temperatures down *puts hand near fan to feel breeze* yeaaaah. This computer is named N9, because it’s about time you read this awesome goosebumps-inducing fanfic based on the first Pokemon movie. And the name of the story just coincidentally happens to be Codename M3W. For all intents and purposes, if you use my computer and wonder why my account name on N9 isn’t LEAF XCEED but is Brian Muntz, you can blame this awesome story.

After, there was the formal dinner for the Stalker Brigade arranged by Nicole. With two chicken dishes, gee >>;; XD But it was nice, a closure to the surprisingly many unique events of my last year in high school. But when I got home, with the flash drive Carlo let me borrow, the real serious business was about to start.

*breaks parallelism*

What happened at Complink was that I brought Lux and had parts from Lux placed into N9, like the power supply and both HDDs, LUCIS (Drive C) and RECREATOR (Drive D). But new parts were also bought for what used to be Lux so that it can function as a PC on its own and not be just left around. I was standing for most of the time while N9 was being assembled slowly and surely, with its custom case made for optimized airflow and all its parts, and at the same time I was waiting for the driver since I became forcefully late for the mentioned formal dinner, what with the messed up plans. So when I got home, one of the first things I did was check all the parts and its performance. The notable improvements include:

  1. Intel i7 Processor
  2. 1 Terabyte HDD (ELYSIUM, named after Stratovarius’ 2011 album)
  3. ThermalTake V4 Case
  4. 10 USB Ports (6 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 at the back, 2 USB 2.0 at the front)

There are no graphical improvements because this PC was meant to have processing power over graphics. But it did annoy me when I found out that the video card, a GeForce GT210 was way poorer in performance compared to my old GeForce 9600GT. So yesterday I opened up both computers myself and switched them myself. Gotta love reverse-engineering. And after all that, I finally checked my computer’s GearScore. OH I MEAN SYSTEM RATING ACCORDING TO THE WINDOWS EXPERIENCE RATING.

Well, I don’t blame the speed if it’s a 1 TB HDD we’re talking about, but everything else…yeah, I’m gonna love having N9 around. I’ve learned so much with Lux and have made one entire album and then some, gained an audience on the internet, got on Engadget and the many more achievements that happened in the past two years or so.

Now it’s time to see what N9 & I will be able to accomplish; now it’s time to make history.

~ by rtnario on April 9, 2011.

6 Responses to “N9”

  1. Why are the USB 3.0 ports placed at the backside of the computer? o_o

    N9 sounds like a Nokia phone… but I’m not complaining, it’s easy to say. N9, N9, N9, N9, N9 XD

    • It does. My mom’s phone is the most recent release, the N8 XD But if you read the story, it all suddenly makes so much sense. 😀

      …and IDK about the USB 3.0 ports, I don’t use them anyhow, maybe for Guitar Rig XD

  2. Wow! Your new computer has got some NICE specs!
    I can’t wait to hear what you’ll churn out with N9!

    I got a new computer recently too with 1 TB HDD but I think you got me beat in number of USB ports, potency of processor, and the case. xD

  3. 5.9k GS. At least you’re not a donorfag.

    • Hey, that’s higher than…both my characters. >>;;


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