Overwhelming Unproductivity Part II

Why Part II? First, go here to this post I made approximately two years and a day ago:


Now. You could get the gist of why I’m making a blog post with that title. I’m totally celebrating the anniversary of Overwhelming Unproductivity Realization Day! (although I’m a day late…we are who we were when) There’s always that time in summer vacation when you realize you are doing nothing productive and feel so damn useless. But I already said that. Back in that post I linked.

“Have you ever felt this way during summer vacation? I mean, every single day you wake up, do the exact same things, sleep and repeat. Nothing new happens and nothing much gets interesting. Although deep inside you just know you could be doing something better. ANYTHING.”

So! While a lot has happened in two entire years, and I wouldn’t doubt that a lot of any person’s life would change in two years, some things I’ve mentioned in the past are things that seem to stay constant. If I’ll go back to those options like last time, starting with music, it’s even worse because not only do I have an even stronger case of composer’s block but I also am handicapped with an injured PC and a guitar with very crappy intonation. Gaming? No, no Ragnarok for me anymore, but World Of Warcraft. However, after making two 80’s, I’m not sure what to do anymore since it’s all just dailies and waiting for friends to make raids or something. Again, I don’t say I don’t enjoy the games I play, since recently I’ve been really hooked on some Nintendo DS games like Monster Tale and SaGa 2 with the English translation patch, and I can simply just go upstairs, lie down and play the day away. But is that really all there is to do?

Hmm, so two years ago I wanted to learn how to draw? And I couldn’t cause I wanted to try doing so with a graphics tablet? Well, I borrowed one and still no progress for me. Fan fictions and Visual Novel projects? I keep telling myself that I’d most rather want to write lyrics instead, but to what melodies? …I’m very guilty of that “Blaa” folder because I haven’t done ANYTHING to change that. It’s probably the most constant thing from that post that truly is still present today. Revising/creating the rtnario HQ website? Yeah, I’ve discussed this with people and I have ideas set out there but it’s not organized enough to warrant progress yet. Programming? My interest for the DS has dwindled down oh so much…

Now to try and break my parallel blog post structure compared to the first “Overwhelming Unproductivity”. Along with all those, different plans include actually exercising. Yes. Me. Exercising. I told myself before that I wouldn’t stay a stick forever, and I’ve actually hoped for a long time that I’d set the summer before college as my starting point. While I am only a month past summer, I still worry if I’m ever going to be able to live up to this goal I set for myself. Now let’s put it in a list so it looks all neat and fancy.

  1. Compose new music.
  2. Learn to draw.
  3. Arrange files.
  4. Exercise.

There. However, this time around, I’m not ending it with just “Bah. =_=” The factors are quite different this time around even if all I mentioned were the similarities. This Friday, if things go well, I am slated to get my new computer, going under the name of Codename M3W, the successor to Lux Aeterna. Surely with such power and capability, hopefully I’d be able to get used to the new workstation environment and start the new age of LEAF XCEED Music Division. Also, that exercising isn’t to be done alone. Either way, it might be done with a group of friends or if not, with my brother. I’ve already discussed with some people about the rtnario HQ website (well, fine, really just one person right now XD) my plans and it’s quite manageable to implement if ever work would be done on the site.

So if those two sole reasons that I mentioned, laziness and lack of motivation were to continue plaguing me even up to today, maybe I’m just looking for the spark that’ll light up the fuse into productivity. And, with crossed fingers, I sure do hope that Codename M3W could start it if nothing else will.

~ by rtnario on April 4, 2011.

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