Hm. I felt like using this blog the way a blog should be used instead of a medium of song downloads for all listeners of LEAF XCEED XD Anyways! I just really felt like sharing my recent experiences since they seemed interesting…oh so interesting *cough*

So yesterday, my parents attended a wedding leaving me, my older brother and my two older sisters to have our own choices as to where to eat dinner in Trinoma. It’s really a different experience when you go out to a mall with your whole family and just your friends, but even more so when it’s with your relatives only. You get to discuss things not usually discussed, especially because there’s no authority watching every conversation, like the freedom that Grand Theft Auto games give you. Do what you want, say what you want, and so colleges and serious futures were talked about…admittedly though, I had a hard time hearing them because I was too busy looping over and over my biggest musical achievement to date, which if you already know me well would be my new Ronin Amaro track, “Limit Break”. Cause if you randomly read this post without knowing me, I don’t think you would have any idea what Ronin Amaro is besides being an OC XD

Anyhow, so we went to Sizzling Pepper Steak and ordered food with the budget our parents gave us. Last time, I tried a variation of their most basic beef pepper steak, which would have the addition of curry powder. Yes, I happened to be hooked on things that tasted like curry ever since the day I bought Cuchi Rice from the Ateneo High School cafeteria (by the way, it’s pronounced “kuh-chi” not “koo-chee” because it’s curry and chicken. I…would know better now <<). My verdict though was that it was too salty for my tastes, but then again, in this restaurant, what isn't? XD This time around, I wanted to try their "Hamburg" (really, is it supposed to be different if you add the "er" or not?) and ordered a hamburg and chicken meal. True to their name, when the dish got to me, it was sizzling like hell, so much so that when I tried adjusting the patty as to cook the other side and pour gravy, I was like this:



"Tsk! Dammit!"




…among other things. It tasted alright, but nothing that blew my mind. It is pretty oily, though. Bleh. Good foresight on my part for ordering bottomless iced tea. Afterwards, we went on to watch the movie we planned on watching, Tangled, in 3-D. Before doing so, we got ourselves frozen yogurt that tastes more like ice cream from Golden Spoon. I got a flavor that was called old-fashioned vanilla IIRC, with smores and marshmallow cream as toppings. A recipe to get sugar high, I swear XD;; Went off to see Tangled, which is by the way an awesome movie, even though some things are to be expected because of Disney's format in making movies. In contradiction to that, they actually have some comedy you really will laugh at because they themselves know their format and WILL do the unexpected. Great twist on the tale, very funny, action…romantic *sigh*…yep, Disney. Also, quoting my brother, Rapunzel is Chuck Norris near the end. XD

Well, we went home after that. I went to sleep. Woke up for today. Have yet to get some serious work done on my projects. Oh well, felt good sharing this and actually blogging, might as well stop my break XD

~ by rtnario on February 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “Tangled”

  1. Pepper Lunch is better. ♥

    • I will heed your suggestion next time I find myself in a place that has steak which sizzles. With pepper. 😀

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