Letters To Unknowns

Eh. I haven’t posted any new song for some time now because of my current situations, but I’m sure I’ll be making up for it in the summer. However, I really felt like getting something from the 30-Day Challenge thing that some people have done for their blogs (well fine, I only know one who did XD) but I guess it’s just a way of letting things out. I’m gonna be making multiple “letters” to people who you may or may not know…or may or may not guess correctly? XD But yeah, that’s the gist of it. *points at title*

1. I have a pretty good guess as to why you avoid any interaction with me, and even signs of hatred. But yeah, that’s partly my fault because I was pretty biased myself; you’ve actually done nothing to me, and I haven’t done a thing to you, yet I showed clear signs of hostility towards you thanks to the opinions of others. Which, of course, at the time, I would be instantly swayed by, and I would like to apologize if only we were on the exact same page in the first place. But what’s to apologize if I’m not sure you even get why? I’d at least not want to appear as an enemy to you; I just want peace.

2. Well, here’s another person I have an odd relation with XD But actually, unlike just wanting peace, I really do want to become friends with you someday. You are as unique as the person who led me to knowing you in the first place. And that person even says you two think so alike. All events considered, I’m pretty sure we have an equally awkward stance towards each other, but really, what’s done is done, and we just both have to move on from them. I honestly just want to know you better, and who knows, we might be pretty good friends in the future.

3. I rarely meet you in person, since our only interaction is usually only on the internet. And the fact that you don’t “go to the benches on Tuesdays”, so to speak. But I’m pretty sure that one time you were there, you tried to talk to me, and I must apologize for…umm…not responding, haha XD;; After what I did then I felt really odd and wanted to get away as soon as possible, which you may have noticed since I was asking other friends if we could go elsewhere. I was in an awkward state, but I really didn’t mean to leave you hanging like that and I sincerely apologize. Just know that I did what I did thanks to my state of mind then, and not with the intent of making it seem like you were talking to a wall (ala Squall Leonhart in Dissidia). You are an interesting person and like the above, I would like to know you better as well.

4. I’m sorry for delaying what I said I would give over and over, but forgive me if I somehow am having a really hard time finding what to say. Believe me, it was already prepared as I mentioned in the past, but the fact that it didn’t show what I felt at present irked me and made me want to re-do it. Over and over. Then it ended up not having what I really wanted to say, ffs XD I don’t know how to go on about this now, nor if I can even begin to try working on it again after multiple times, but I’m just reassuring you the real reason as to why you still don’t have it. After everything, there are still factors that prevent me from doing it…oh well. Not sure anymore if you’ll get it or not, or when you’ll get it, but it will come someday, and all will be cleared up. So much for my plan. Sorry for failing your expectations, but I swear if it was any less difficult for me then it’d be with you right about now. XD;; *sigh*

~ by rtnario on February 5, 2011.

4 Responses to “Letters To Unknowns”

  1. I know this post has some seriousness to it but just for the heck of it:

    5. I am really scared for you, your health, and your mental stability. You should seriously stop munching anything and everything you can think of, like pages of pad paper, cause what the hell, that’s not even food dammit. Think of a proper diet for yourself man. Okay? Take care.


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