“We don’t have enough time. We need to go, tonight.”
~Leonecast – Alive

There are times in everyone’s lives when they see some great disaster happen on some sort of bulletin or other forms of media. May it be a tsunami, a kidnapping, an explosion, a war and anything else, there’s no doubt there’d be at least one person out there who’d see all the people suffering and would think, “Well, at least that’s not me,” or maybe, “Whatever, I’m not affected.” Say you’re a humanitarian as much as you want, but I know deep down that no matter how merciless this may be, all of us had had this kind of thought in at least one point in our lives. And kept it that way.

We tend to disregard what we currently have in the search for something better. You could say, according to Zombieland, that we never “enjoy the little things”. Life is one of those things. You never get to truly appreciate it if not for a drastic event that would really be embedded in your memory for the rest of your life.

Like, y’know, waking up at 5 AM to a burning electric fan beside you.

Obviously, it’s easy to know where I’m getting at. This December 28, I woke up to said burning appliance which was closer to my brother, and after we both realized the reality that this fan just so happened to be quite in flames indeed, we panicked until we of course had to put the damn fire out with water from the bathroom downstairs. It took a couple of repeating the process of going back down and back up, but the fire eventually was completely doused, and what was left of the fan…well…there was no more propeller or the plastic frame that protected the propeller, and the burnt engine could clearly be seen. Of course, the room then reeked of the smell of cancerous (or so I think my sister told me IIRC correctly) burning plastic. Standard operating procedures then; open all windows, the door, use all working and non-flammable electric fans in the rooms to drive out the smell, clean up the watery mess and after some time the room was usable again, with me making a blog post about it. On my N97. Cause I can.

After the whole thing, of course we reflected on what the hell (the usual perception of hell would be one full of fire right hahahaha im sorry i pointed it out for you) just happened. Something went wrong with the fan, it’s old and had its share of repairs, should’ve noticed that it struggled on the “1” setting, et cetera. But then what would’ve happened if the fire kept burning and none of us noticed? That fan was very near a big, old and also slightly malfunctioning cathode ray tube television (is it a bad thing that I happen to know its more technical term? I’m not quite sure) and also a bunch of plugs in an extension cord. One of the things plugged is my brother’s laptop, roughly one pace away from the fan, with rechargable battery that I’m sure would mention something about exploding when placed in fire. In other words, if none of us had noticed any sooner than we did, we would’ve had very serious life-threatening injuries, and I wouldn’t be blogging under a blanket right now.

In the end, the point of this is quite obvious, really. I may have a s**tload of problems concerning life in general right now, but disregarding all that, damn am I glad to be simply alive and breathing.

…oh, and connecting it to my post title and song quote, while the original song relates to another theme entirely (off-topic, the song is really good and so is the band, LIKE THEIR FACEBOOK OR I’LL TELL ACE YOU DIDN’T)(…oh you might as well like LEAF XCEED Music Division’s page as well HAHAHAHA SHAMELESS PLUG), it is to be taken literally based on my situation. We don’t have enough time. We need to go, tonight. Where? Out of the room for f**k’s sake, your electric fan’s on f**king fire, do something about it. XD;;

~ by rtnario on December 28, 2010.

10 Responses to “Alive”

  1. Wow, scary XDD Thank goodness you’re alive. ALIVEEEE. ALIVEEEEE. ALIVEEEEE. ALIVEEEEEEEEEE.

  2. I’m glad you’re all right. 😀

  3. Like, y’know, waking up at 5 AM to a burning electric fan beside you.

    Patrick Bonifacio: …okay I was expecting like a car crash kinda thing, y’know, but…
    Patrick Bonifacio: wtf

    NP: Portal OST – Still Alive

    Thank [insert deity of choice here] you’re NP.

  4. flaming fan of flaming doom?

    …did you happen to see if Paco was nearby? LOLOLOLOLOL

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