Down And Out

Okay, so. This would be a blog post explaining my current situation.

Put simply, I am sick. Legitimately sick at the worst possible time. There are projects to be done and things to be submitted, but I’m not going to be able to do either until Wednesday, the last day before the break.

Which actually sucks. I have a lot, a LOT, to make up for in this term compared to any in my entire high school life. To those concerned academically (Justin and Mikey?), I have the IP progress report with me. But anyways, yeah, I’m sick with a cough (may be allergic), colds and a fever around 38.5+. I am not going to school tomorrow in hopes that I may be well enough for Wednesday. After this blog post, I can only be contacted through text.

Dammit. Just, dammit.

~ by rtnario on December 20, 2010.

7 Responses to “Down And Out”

  1. Get well soon… quickly. >:D<

    *is also sick*

    • Thanks, and actually right now I’m on the path of a state of not-sick once again! 🙂 Get well soon too…in a normal manner. XD

  2. Everyone’s getting sick. >>;; Jerome’s fear has been confirmed. XD

  3. Oh man, that really sucks 😦 hope you feel better soon… (at least you’re still well enough to be cracking jokes; that’s always a good sign! xD)

    This is totally off-topic, but it looks like you check your blog more often than the Cave Story forums, so I thought I’d post this here. Anyway, I updated your blurb on the CSRP2 website and just wanted to be sure it was accurate and you were satisfied with it.

    • Yeah, feeling much better now, thanks! 🙂

      I just checked out the site, and wow, nice work! And yeah, I’m fine with the blurb, thanks for making it. I’m gonna go to the forums and see if I can still help somehow XD

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