All made under 5 minutes. XD

Do you believe, in the world they made for you?
~Machinae Supremacy – Persona

Due to a lot of free time and thinking, I somehow came across the topic of Original Characters, much more commonly shortened to OCs. I mean, why haven’t I made one? What’s good about making one? What’s bad? I don’t remember why, but there was once a time I actually detested role-playing (also shortened to RPing) said OCs. It’s probably because of the fact that it was acting like somebody you’re not, along with what I observed back in my Gendou days as unknowntraveller.

Of course, as I grew older, I soon came to understand that it’s stupid forcing myself to limit my imagination to reality and not taking it millions of levels further. And my view changed even more when I really knew the reasons behind why people do so from a certain cosplayer’s perspective.

It’s not like my view was always constant on being real. It sort of was open at the start, closed at the middle and more than open at present. I remember my very first OC even, before I knew the term. I cannot disclose his name here for reasons related to internet accounts, but he was this little stickman with a badly drawn cap made to imitate the look of my favorite video game character in 2-D fighters, Terry Bogard. Later on, he was given the name of Terry Roberts, combining the names of Terry Bogard of Fatal Fury and Robert Garcia of Art Of Fighting, both SNK fighters.

That name, Terry Roberts, was used everywhere to represent my OC. He was the protagonist in most every game that I played, and was always the name of my Create-A-Wrestler since in the SmackDown! series of video games. Of course, that all changed when I myself did (read: when I discovered Machinae Supremacy), and when I got better at drawing. Kinda. Well. Way better than before, but as of this point, I’ve lost my will to improve any more than what I’m capable of now. XD;;

By high school I concentrated on drawing, well, myself more, as in Ramon Roberto T. Nario instead of Terry Roberts, friends like the owner of The Least 100 Blog, fellow band members and even teachers. So there goes Terry Roberts. But by then I had already thought up of another OC, thanks to the idea of a member in the old LEAF XCEED forums of making an anagram out of your real name to make a fake one. I got to work.

Ramon Roberto T. Nario
Ramon Roberto Torres Nario

I definitely fell in love with the idea of having my first name as Ronin. That had to be done first. I arranged the rest afterwards.

Ramon Roberto Torres Nario //
am Roberto Torres aro // Ronin
Roberto Torres // Ronin Amaro
Torr // Ronin Treoberos Amaro
Ronin Treoberos Torr Amaro
Ronin Treoberos T. Amaro

And thus, Ronin Treoberos Amaro was born, usually dropping the middle initial. And unlike the others, this OC is already well-planned with a look, a personality and everything an OC should have. At the same time, it was my perfect fake name, for it came from my real name.

…but only recently did I ever think of making a female OC. An alter ego of Ronin, and in a fanfiction world, would not be an alter ego but would be something else I’d like to keep in secret if ever I do write a story about these two. Multiple events led me to making this OC, but as ever I’m curious as to what I’d be able to do with these characters who are both basically both a part of me.

Ramon Roberto Torres Nario //
Rmo Roberto Torr rio // Nanase (HAHAHA STFU.)
m Roro Torr ro // Nanase Treobi
Torr // Nanase Treobi Orromor
Nanase Treobi Torr Orromor
Nanase Treobi T. Orromor

Ronin Treoberos Amaro and Nanase Treobi Orromor. My two OCs. With worlds of their own based on mine. It’s interesting to see just how much one can progress through time and come up with something much deeper compared to the beginning. Just like music.

In the end, this entire topic in general was something I liked, then rejected, and now it I embrace it. It was a mistake to keep these thoughts behind closed doors. And I will correct that.

Time will tell what I’ll be able to do with these new or refined personalities at hand, but trust me that I have big plans for these two. In one way or another, these OCs will be able to “live out their lives”, and I will be the storyteller.

~ by rtnario on December 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Persona”


    …zomg, can I liek, draw them? ouo I’m bored and I’m not going swimming with SB, so the rest of my dy has nothing planned, rly, and I just feel like drawing XD IM me any specifics~ :3


      And one of these days I was going to make an OC page or something for Ronin, I don’t have enough ideas for Nanase…AND IT WOULD BE INDEED AWESOME IF YOU COULD DRAW HIM *IMs*

  2. […] These are Ronin Treoberos Amaro and Nanase Treobi Orromor as mentioned here. […]

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