“Mom, LEAF XCEED Got Grounded!”

Yep. You’re reading that right.

Yes. THAT definition of “grounded”.

Keep in mind that LEAF XCEED mostly consists of one 17-year-old who still has his high school education to mind. And unfortunately, I kinda screwed up big time when it came to the 2nd Term by having my lowest QPI ever in my entire stay in the Ateneo de Manila High School. And action has been taken. Similar to a ban imposed on one of my best friends, the owner of Murmurs In The Wind (I even named the ban after *him), I am banned from the internet during weekdays. Considering how highly integral that is already to anyone of my generation who has access to such, added to the fact that I have daily duties I attend to as LEAF XCEED Music Division, this is obviously going to take a huge hit. But what’s worse is, I know it’s for the better when I seriously consider the future instead of the present. And of course, the other is that I’m grounded for the entire term. Indefinitely. Sorry to No Dignity and Trademark Underground…

This is going to affect many things, and obviously my composing will be one of them. Thankfully I don’t exactly need internet for that, but regardless, it’s gonna get affected. Now I have to switch my current game plans, most of which involve that EP-that-takes-forever-to-be-released, Soundtrack To The Underground. I’ll just have to see how everything turns out, and maybe things will change when I start churning out great academic results. Not if, when. Not good, great. There goes my plans for a LEAF XCEED official status report and everything XD;; OH WELL

Things may have changed, huge amounts of inactivity may occur, but the world hasn’t stopped spinning. Gotta keep moving on.

~ by rtnario on December 17, 2010.

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