LEAF XCEED Music Division – Path Of Ruin

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FINALLY. Another huge achievement. If composing an original in my personal genre of video game power metal was something (see: winter night’s journey), making any kind of orchestration is another. See, it’s so infinitely easy for me to get this guitar riff, this bassline, this drumline and this lead to make any song. Powerchords here, complementary bass there, crash at this point, hats at that point, melodic lead line…I’ve been through this over and over, and my discography is a testament to just how much I’ve encountered these patterns for my genres of songwriting. However, from time to time, I do delve into classical works, and rarely I try something seriously orchestral. As in, AN ORCHESTRA. A SYMPHONY. Why? Because IT’S SO DAMN COMPLICATED. If metal remixes are like Lego to me, orchestrations are entirely different beasts that only people with real classical training (chord progressions, relation of the different sections of an orchestra and whatnot) can handle easily.

I am not such person.

Now, to connect that rant to this remix. Scorching Back from Cave Story was something I’ve always planned on remixing ever since 2009. In fact, right after HUZZAH, this was supposed to come next but I did otherwise. I planned it to be a video game metal remix as well, but dropped it.


Some months later, I tried picking it up again. Same genre, same style, more experience. Still didn’t end well.


Then the Cave Story Remix Project 2 came around, and I decided to submit my earlier remixes and make new ones too for it. All five of my Cave Story remixes so far are included in that project (HUZZAH, Cave Story War, Core Oppression, Town Of Leaves v2 & Imminent Chaos). It’s due this December 23, and I still wanted to make something for the project, so I decided on a Scorching Back remix because I’ve always had it planned. However, I wanted to try something completely different. Everything so far that I’ve made for Cave Story always had…guitars, so I challenged myself to make another genre I have a relatively high amount of interest in…ended up with this concept.


Orchestral. Although…it’s slow and boring =_=’ Last time I did something like this was in an unreleased project, then Your Majesty, then Orchestra JNG. So in theory, nobody has really heard any application of mine on orchestral works ever since those two works. And I say, after all this time, I’ve DEFINITELY improved. This remix will prove my point. Trust me, it most definitely will.

After months of concepts, planning and around…7 hours of dedication done today (there was a 2 hour break after 3 hours XD), I’ve finally finished this remix, and hold this in very high regard. It is an accomplishment I originally thought was impossible, thanks to the song choice and lack of ideas. Looks like inspiration hit me well today.

The result…well, you’ll have to find out, won’t you? =)

~ by rtnario on December 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “LEAF XCEED Music Division – Path Of Ruin”

  1. I can’t believe I didn’t see this song ’til now.
    This is amazing!
    I really like the added emotional tugs in this version of the song.
    Just, the whole egg corridor was lain waste to and you have to kill zombie dragon hatchlings. Seriously. It feels like its saying: Try to survive while the song tears you up for what used to be here.

    • Heh, well I’m proud of the fact that I have a growing discographies with surprises laid out everywhere šŸ™‚

      Thanks for listening, and yes, what used to seem like such a lively place (the music XD)…no wonder the title for this remix came up instantly. Glad you liked my version of it man!

  2. Why does Quote have a wallet chain?

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