Codename M3W

Well, for once after a lengthy period of time, I’m making a blog entry just cause I want to. XD Browsing deviantART led me to the discovery of a fanfic with fanart, made by Esepibe, an Argentinian Pokemon fan. It’s an alternate story he made that somehow explains the second part of Pokemon: The First Movie, called Mewtwo Strikes Back. It more specifically explains in detail the entire process for the creation of Mewtwo.

Codename M3W


The story goes that scientists hired by Team Rocket are sent to an island to retrieve valuable documents. If you watched the movie, you can guess that this was the exact same island where Mew and Mewtwo were created, the island which Mewtwo transformed into his own lair, and where selected trainers were given special invitations by a possessed Nurse Joy to challenge him. In the fanfic, Mewtwo was actually the 10th revision in the attempt to create the strongest Pokemon ever to be controlled by Giovanni, the former leader of Team Rocket. The story is concentrated around the ninth revision, N°9, simply referred to as 9 and how a father-and-daughter relationship started to grow between her and one of the scientists, Brian Muntz. Of course, as she is a scientific experiment, things wouldn’t go as well as planned…

Overall, I wouldn’t say it’s a long story but it’s one that’s very sad and touching at the same time. Highly recommended for any Pokemon fan who’s at least played through the first generation of games. Or has seen the awesome movie.

I recommend you to check the links in this order:

Part 1
9 Sketches
Part 2
Part 3

~ by rtnario on November 28, 2010.

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  1. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.

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