Story Of Evil // Servant Of Evil Guitar Chords

Recently, a certain epic distraction introduced me to the world of the Vocaloids, Kagamine Len and Rin. Prior to this, all I knew of Vocaloids were that they’re actually computer software that could be called digital vocalists, since they actually sing what you type down for them and you can change so many aspects of how they sing it. The only ones I knew were Miku Hatsune, the most popular figure of Vocaloid to date and Megurine Luka, a Vocaloid that can sing both English and Japanese which I actually had in the past.

Of course, they’re immensely popular online, and there are so many compositions, creations, Vocaloids, stories, fanart and such out there. But it was only recently that I discovered the two of the main Vocaloids as I mentioned, and the stories that surround them. Those stories though, the ones I’m about to make a post about…holy s**t…they are epic, mindblowing, striking, depressing, happy, joyful, sorrowful and many more *_*

What I really want to mention and recommend is the Story Of Evil, a series of Vocaloid songs by Akuno-P, also known as Mothy. There are five in the story, but I watched four videos as specified by cheese, and it’s recommended to watch them in the order I will put them here:

1. Daughter Of Evil

Here, Rin is an evil princess who rules her own kingdom and can do whatever she wants, causing the people to rebel. She’s always followed by her loyal servant, Len.

2. Servant Of Evil

The entire story of Daughter Of Evil from Len’s perspective. Len actually loves Rin and would do anything to be with her, which is why he was loyal to the end. They are siblings separated early on in their lives, and Rin never knew until the latter parts of the story.

3. Re_birthday

Len is stuck in purgatory until he is finally forgiven for his sins (caused by following all of Rin’s wishes) and is “reborn”.

4. Regret Message

Some time after the events of Daughter Of Evil, Rin’s hopeful that she’ll be with Len again someday, and in the end they do in the way we know them now. You’ll see.

There are links on the Vocaloid wiki that can help explain the stories of the videos and clarify your interpretation on them. But really, all of the parts gave me goosebumps and are all so emotionally striking in a way that makes you want to really find out more about the history behind the Vocaloid characters. This’ll take some time, but I swear, it’s worth it. Now on to the second part of this post…


My favorite out of the four I watched is Servant Of Evil. So much so that I decided randomly…yesterday…to make guitar chords for it, seeing that no one has really done so, and BECAUSE THIS SONG IS SO AWESOME ASDFJKL; Here it is, the whole song, complete with Romanized lyrics from It’s in standard tuning, and made in a way that all the chords start exactly during the specific parts of spoken lines. Of course, what you use to view the text file should use a monotype font like Courier New or Luicida Console (the default for Notepad on Windows) for all tabbing and chord-reading purposes. Finished some hours ago. Enjoy!


And if you know me -that- well, I made a crappy video of an imperfect performance on Facebook XD;;


~ by rtnario on November 13, 2010.

12 Responses to “Story Of Evil // Servant Of Evil Guitar Chords”

  1. …doooood, you just addressed me as cheese, AGAIN? 8|


    • Well, using “The Epic Distraction” twice in the same post is redundant, and I never used “cheese” in WordPress, so. 8D XDDDD

      …also i realized the title of this post is weird if you read “Servant Of Evil Guitar Chords” as one title

  2. …Servant of Evil Guitar Chords.

  3. …you know what this blog post is really about?

    The Story of Evil: The Servant of Evil Guitar Chords

  4. Thanks for the article, friend …
    It has opened my horizons.

  5. thank you so much for the chords!! I was looking for them, and was kinda tired of air-guitaring V. Len’s Prisoner whenever I heard it.. Arigato!!!!

    • No problem! I think I’m the first to do this, not counting any Japanese page I don’t understand XD Good to know this is helping people out!

  6. THANKS SO MUCH!!! Now I can teach my class this during music. ^u^

    • No problem! Glad you found use of my chords, it’s good to know it helps people in more ways than one ^_^

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