LEAF XCEED Music Division – Murmurs In The Wind

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This song…is my September. I cannot name anything specific nor can I even reveal any information. But all I can say is that it was, to date, the best September of my life. A moment of truth and realization, of reaching far beyond horizons I never thought I could reach, of learning more about myself and the kind of person I am. Unfortunately, like all good things, they must come to a close, and thus this song represents a closure of my story. This song represents all the emotion that was felt, poured into each and every single note, melody and harmony. This song represents…the wonderful murmurs in the wind caused by the joys and laughter of people that were heard this past month.

This is a very emotional song, and I don’t blame you if you have no idea about that paragraph up there, but I still hope you enjoy this piece!

~ by rtnario on October 6, 2010.

14 Responses to “LEAF XCEED Music Division – Murmurs In The Wind”

  1. Beautiful. Simply exquisite. I can feel every sliver of emotion in here. It’s almost a stark contrast to Summer Breeze, which is actually not surprising considering what the combination’s meaning is.

    • Thanks so much for the comments! And yeah, I DID after all pour, well, nothing much, JUST MY HEART AND SOUL into this piece. XD

      …hmm, oh I wonder what the combination means. owo

  2. ahahahaha~ downloading and listening to this in the school library. 8D

  3. Cooooolness. This is very beautiful. Somehow it reminds me specifically of the wind whispering over the sea… or something like that. Hahaha.

    Hello. πŸ˜€ Lei directed me here. *waves* I’m Mia. Incidentally, I play the flute.

  4. *damn inability of WordPress to reply to a reply >_<*

    What I meant was that Lei also drew a picture with one of my earlier songs XD Thanks! And…anyone and everyone can crash at our band practices ^^

  5. fuuuuu yooouuu xDD if I’m gonna do that scene Mia described, I’M GONNA FREAKING PAINT IT XDDDD

    • aw what now, go play the house 2 LOLOLOL

      And that would most definitely be a very anticipated artwork right there XDDD

      • …NO GO AWAY XD we shall play at nii-chan’s place during the sembreak and yell swears, yus. =w=

        well I wanna paint it ’cause the wind part would be more visible with the brushstrokes and whatnot o_. I still have some canvases at home I think… >w> meh, I’ll think about it XD

  6. REPLY TO A REPLY PLEASE WHY ISN’T IT POSSIBLE XD Anyways, that does make a lot of sense, and would be awesome, so think about that while I think of…study song? XDDD

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