LEAF XCEED Music Division – Summer Breeze

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My God. It’s been about three months since my last release for Website Releases II. So many things have been happening and my focus went elsewhere. So you know what I did? I got angry at myself, sat down, plugged in my nanoKEY, played a good melody and TURNED IT INTO A SONG THAT’S WHAT I DID FFS and now it’s done. It ended up being the happiest most complex piano piece I have ever created. Whoa. It’s like the feeling I got when I made Downstream XD

Anyhow, this song. Yeah, it started out with a good melody I randomly played and thought I could continue it. By that time, I was chatting with Leila, owner of the Murmurs In The Wind blog and asked her to listen to a beta of the song since I couldn’t think of a title. All I could think of was the word “Breeze”. The idea got to her and she visualized, “a story-based game and a scene when your character’s sitting under the shade of a tree with a view of grassy hills and stuff *w*”. It got her to draw the scene itself, but then she was annoyed because whenever she was about to get more ideas, the beta ended there. XD I also sent the beta to Patrick, owner of the Apex Ultima blog. It reminded him of Tsukihime (I didn’t play through the whole thing though ^^;) and helped Leila complete her drawing while I continued working.

Eventually I finished the song, and playing at around a minute and thirty seconds, here it is. It was finally decided that the title would be “Summer Breeze”. Makes sense if I have a “Winter Sunshine”, doesn’t it? 😀

~ by rtnario on October 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “LEAF XCEED Music Division – Summer Breeze”

  1. Your tags are automatically made of win. XD

  2. I fell asleep while listening to the True Remembrance OST and I somehow woke up at 6 AM, WTH. It’s like internal alarm clock. o_o Now I’m listening to this song. Incredible happy melody. XD

    I’m having ideas of turning it into a TMU song. I mean, this song + Justin = we’re already onto something. XD

    • Nah XD I don’t want this song to be in TMU, unfortunately. I’m saving other ideas for that =)

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