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Well, aside from lots of personal misgivings that I’m feeling today, Newton once said that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Today, I found a lot of WordPress e-mails…16 of them…waiting to be read. At first I thought it was massive spam that somehow got through Akismet, since no, I know for a fact and can honestly admit that LEAF XCEED Music Division is nowhere near that level of popularity. Apparently, it was a bunch of pingbacks (automatically posted comments when another public blog refers to my own page), but then I’m wondering, from where?

Apparently, a popular tech blog, Engadget, has a podcast section where they discuss, well, of course, news and advancements in computer technology. This podcast for September 18, 2010 just so happened to need background music to accompany their discussion, and lo and behold, you can see for yourself how LEAF XCEED Music Division got involved at this link:


My YouTube-friendly-currently-at-60-thousand-views-remix, 8-Bit Fireflies was chosen for the podcast. I originally made this remix almost a year ago and this is its official release page:


So what’s with the 16 e-mails? Engadget is no ordinary tech site–if you’ve seen the page itself, you can surely see that it has its own reputation. Multiple blogs on the internet even repost their updates, and from there you can see where I’m getting at. 16 blogs reposted their main Engadget Podcast post, which all refer to the page above for the music link. I mean, holy s**t, I was 16 years old when I made that remix and I got involved with a WEBLOG WORTHY OF ITS OWN WIKIPEDIA PAGE. I’m so honored to have my remix used in such a site.

Thank you Joshua Topolsky, Paul Miller, Nilay Patel, Chris Ziegler, Trent Wolbe, all the 16 sites and of course, all of Engadget for allowing my little remix to be used for something far greater than I’ve ever imagined.

~ by rtnario on September 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “Engadget Podcast”

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  2. Well, considering what the track used in the podcast is, I’m not completely impressed, overwhelmed or surprised, myself. Fireflies IS an incredibly popular track, after all, and your remix has sixty THOUSAND views on YouTube, and that doesn’t even include downloads yet.

    BUT, I am incredibly happy that you’re slowly getting attention on the net. This kind of exposure is exactly what you need, my friend. I envision great things for you in the future.

    Keep it up, dude. This is where you’re supposed to be.

    • True. I guess I shouldn’t be THAT happy, but I still should BE happy. XD Thanks man, I really do appreciate it. Hopefully I’ll continue to get far. =)

      • You will come far! You already have achieved a this, with your Fireflies-Remix, and sure will get more achievements! I sence that soon, you will get very, very, VERY famous! Well, at least famous… Keep up the good talk!

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