LEAF XCEED Music Division – Once Upon A December

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Yes. This is a remix of THAT song. There’s only one song in the world (as of now) called “Once Upon A December”, so now imagine a symphonic metal version of that. I’ve always planned this since a year ago, but never got around to doing it since I didn’t know how to approach it then. But now, after Lux Aeterna has been once again restored to life without me mentioning it ala my Infinite Being post, I’ve tackled it not only as the first song of Website Releases II, but also from the ground up without any templates whatsoever. Listeners of LEAF XCEED Music Division might notice the huge drop in volume…because that’s how loud NORMAL songs should be instead of my usual loudness XD

“Anastasia”, the 1997 animated movie with the score composed by Stephen Flaherty was one of the best non-Disney hand-animated movies of the time. I won’t argue with that, because I thought it seriously was, but this specific song stood out the most over all of its beautiful soundtrack. That’s why I still remembered it and why I decided that I would someday remix the song…which I did successfully after around 3-4 days of work.

This song also marks the start of Website Releases II, the next free-for-all album after the original Website Releases. And so, check out its album art! ^_^


Hope you enjoy, and see you on the next Website Releases II songs. Gonna be another 2 or more years of hard work, but all worth it.

~ by rtnario on July 14, 2010.

12 Responses to “LEAF XCEED Music Division – Once Upon A December”

  1. oh you were 4 years old when the movie came out 🙂

  2. the remix is really good! keep this up! i’ll be your producer someday. 🙂

  3. Don’t get me wrong but I love both songs!
    It might just the fact I happen to find both within about 15mins of each other but they sound very similar…
    To me, it sounds really close to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWEhTbKfLMA

    • Ah. True. Who knows, indirect inspiration? XD But damn, this song really does similar. You’re right about that o_o’

      …would sound nice with heavy guitars. ^^

  4. Either way I enjoy both a lot! Good job! I have a few of your other works on my Ipod. =)

  5. “Anastasia”, the 1997 animated movie

    HA! Now I get to correct one of YOUR typos!

  6. it’s 2018 and i found this gem…

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